WPCentral Giveaway: Windows Phone body prop for your Xbox Avatar

Exclusive Windows Phone fear for your Xbox Avatar!

You probably wouldn't have guessed it, but here at WPCentral we love two things: Windows Phone and our readers. That's why when redeemable Xbox Avatar codes for Windows Phone gear caught our eye during a press event, we grabbed a handful and ran. It was a close call but with the help of the good ol' rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle, we managed to escape with 30 of them (15 for each sex).

Here's what you need to do to enter our little giveaway here:

  1. Comment on this article. Anything will do, really. But make sure you specify which code you want -- either male or female. Otherwise we'll laugh at you when you don't get a code.
  2. (Optional) Share this with friends via your choice of technology. (See the social buttons at the bottom of this post.)

We'll then randomly choose 30 of you and email you the redeem code. That's it! You have 24 hours. Go!  Commenting is now closed. Results will be posted in 24 hours or less.


Reader comments

WPCentral Giveaway: Windows Phone body prop for your Xbox Avatar



Male :-). Thanks for your great job, Team. WPCentral app is the most frequently launched one on my HTC Mozart!

MALE!!!! ;)
And WPCentral is the first app i launch every morning right after my sleep and before my coffee. Yes, you rock!!

I have some advertising to do... especially with the Black Ops II launch closing in.

Awesome Contest ! I Dlike A Male One If I Win one Since Most Off The Things Handed Out Our Male One's , And Im An Avatar Aholic , I Even Am A Moderator On A Xbox Avatar Website ;)

Guybrush Threepwood officially approves giving me a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle :) Male code pls

This is great, you guys are always in tune. I'd like the male code. That is, if there's still time to get it.

I want the male one please. Rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle?? That sounds like a very useful novelty :D

Looks like I'll have a better chance if I say I want the female version, but I think I'll go for the male version as well ;)

Male One In My Case , I Want To Wear The Phone Suit So It Matches The Windows Phone I Have In The Same Colors

Awesome costume, I'd like a male one to get all of my buddies on Xbox live super jealous!!!

Can't wait for wp8. Shame I gotta wait for my contract till next year. I love freebies. Male code please. Don't think a skirt will go with my hairy legs.

Would love to show off the male version to my non-windows phone "friends"! :D

My avatar would love one of those.
Male please, but would happily pass on a female code to my girlfriend. :P

OMG, Please, please never had one of these and I always marvel at those that have, please give me a chance to win some pleaseee :-(

You guys have the most informative website out there. I wouldn't know about anything about windows phones without you guys. I would like a male version.

Also you should use this as a survey of your gender demographic. Not that is matters but would be interesting to know. Might also give you ideas on how to get whatever number is lower more interested in the app/website.

i want male version thanks, now the question is whether or not i should give it to my cousin who has been bickering about never getting free avatar stuff :P

Male avatar please....seriously speaking I'm telling I've left using gsmarena after following wpcentral.u guys rock!!!

Male - I Just Sign Up Just To Commet =D I Love This Site All way Update to Date and so I Know what Xbox Live App are Out to get Them Extra Gamerscore =P

That's awesome! I would like a male one please. Goes great with my focus s and lumia 800. :-)

Nice! - Male please :-)
Looks like the chance of getting one is pretty good if you're a female, only 7 posted female so far :-P

XAG community manager & admin  id love a windows phone suit please preferably a MALE one thanks : )

YES!!!!!! My luck is changing. T-Mobile is getting a killer W8 phone and WPCENTRAL is giving away Xbox avatar codes. This would go great with my windows phone prop :)
Male please. Thanks for the code and all the Valuable WP info.

Male please. Also giving to me would be kind of a beta test in order to see if these codes works in other countries (I'm from México) so in the future you can be certain that these codes are international ;)

That would he sweet, because I have Spider-man's web shooters for my prop. Having a windows phone swinging around on webs? Yeah, awesome. Male please.

I love chickens. Who doesn't love chickens? Me, no! Wait .. what ... argg ... too much coffee !!!
Male please :-)

Yet another reason why WP Central is the best Windows Phone information site and app. Male version please.

Male code please. Did I mention that you guys are amazing human beings! And very generous as well. And smart and humble too.

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