WPCentral Podcast 132 + Video

WPCentral Podcast

We're back for another action packed podcast, this time we have video not only working but in higher quality to boot (you can watch that after the break, if you so wish). Lots of hardware news, some piracy controversy, Carrier IQ, Jay gets a Nokia Lumia 800 and more all coming up!

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WPCentral Podcast 132 + Video


If I were to search for this podcast on my Windows Phone marketplace, what do I search by? Couldn't find it last night.

WPCentral Pocast. But understand, once we publish it takes a few hours for Zune to catch up--it's not instant.

Ep 132 though is certainly listed there now.

Great podcast boys. Biscut hehheh.
I don't see it listed on your show notes, but the story about developers wanting native-code access in WP7 was the most interesting to me. In the story you state native-code access was not included due to "revolve around OS-stability and security. Now, Microsoft seems to be seriously considering opening up some native code to developers."
Do you think Microsoft made the right decision? It's annoying to me that Apple seems to give developers the access they need to make great games, while Microsoft doesn't. But then again I've read reports that Infinity Blade is causing the iPhone4  to crash.
Do you know if Windows8 ARM tablets will have this same problem going against the iPad2/iPad3. Or is that a totally different situation?
Thanks :D
WP7 native-code access story: http://www.wpcentral.com/native-code-access-radar-windows-phone-developers
Infity Blade causes crashes http://www.theverge.com/2011/12/2/2605958/infinity-blade-2-crash-ipad-ipod-touch