Anycubic has been in the 3D printing game for a long time and has created some best, well-known 3D printers around. This Black Friday, Anycubic has put together a massive sale that anyone looking to expand their print farm, or buying their first printer, can take advantage of. We've narrowed down the choices to the best of the bunch, all for you.

SLA resin printers

Resin printing is a fast-growing area of 3D printing and offers some of the most detailed printing possible at home. You should think about buying a resin 3D printer if you are looking to make detailed models or miniatures for board games. The resin is a little pricey, and you will need some extra accessories for resin printing, but the quality of the results cannot be understated.

Anycubic Mono X

Large scale resin printing: Photon Mono X

Staff Pick

The Mono X is Anycubic's latest resin printer, and it is massive. With a build volume of almost three times more than the standard Mono, the Mono X allows you to create far larger models than ever before. Any discount on this new product is a bonus, and Anycubic's price cut here is sizeable.

$699 at Anycubic (Was $759)
Anycubic Photon Zero Reco

Entry level goodness: Photon Zero

We reviewed the Photon Zero when it first came out, and while the build plate is pretty small, the rest of the printer is excellent. If you add the Wash and Cure Station, you can have everything you need to start resin printing straight away.

$139 at Anycubic (Was $219)
Photon S  7 1800x1800

An all time favorite: Anycubic Photon

Though the Photon is now long in the tooth, it is still a great choice for your first 3D resin printer. It was my first resin printer several years ago and is still going strong to this day. With the heavy discount available, and the larger build plate than the Zero, the original Photon should be worth your consideration.

$169 at Anycubic (Was $279)

FDM filament printers

FDM 3D printers are the most popular type of printer and are great for creating larger pieces and practical prints that require some strength. There are many differences between FDM and resin printing, but know that FDM can print bigger and stronger, while resin printing is more detailed.

Anycubic Mega X

A great size for everyone: Mega X

Staff Pick

The Mega X is a solid and dependable 3D printer that offers a great-sized build plate at an excellent price. The heated bed on a 300 x 300 x 350 mm plate allows you to print large prints in various exotic materials. Even though it is a Bowden tube setup, the extruder is designed to allow you to print with flexible materials like TPU, making it an excellent choice for many different projects.

$329 at Anycubic (Was $399)
Anycubic Mega Zero

A super cheap entry point: Mega Zero

With the discounts that have been applied to this already inexpensive machine, the Mega Zero is practically a steal for anyone first starting on the 3D printing train. While it doesn't have a heated bed — meaning you can't print materials like ABS or PETG — it does allow you to print the most common material, PLA, and will help you learn how a 3D printer works and what you really want from your machine. At just over $100, it's worth buying just to dip your toe in the water.

$109 at Anycubic (Was $169)
Anycubic Chiron

Print full size helmets: Chiron

The Chiron is a beast. At 400 x 400 x 450mm, it is capable of printing truly enormous 3D prints. You could print an entire Mandolorian chest armor piece in one go on this thing, and that is impressive. If you are one of those people who goes big or goes home, you should consider this monster of a machine.

$369 at Anycubic (Was $479

It's like printing money

With all the available discounts, it easy to get turned around on what to buy. Anyone of these 3D printers would be a great choice, but we would recommend the Photon Mono X above all the rest. The resin printer offers incredible details, with a good-sized print bed, and has a mono screen that reduces the print times by almost a third. It's a fantastic machine, and the discounts are excellent.

If you want to stick with FDM printing, or if you are looking to print practical prints then the Mega X is a solid choice. A 300 x 200 mm print bed is excellent, and the discounts make this a great choice for anyone, beginner or not.

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