DEAL: One of the best SD cards for laptops, Surface, and Steam Deck is currently a massive 50% off

Samsung MicroSD Evo card
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Overview: Samsung MicroSD Cards

• Read/write speeds up to 160 MB/s.
• Compatible with practically everything, complete with adapters. Surface, Android phones, tablets, Windows PCs (with the correct ports), Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, and more.
• Warranties of up to 10 years (depending on region).
• Waterproof, magnet proof, and durable.

Recently, I wrote about how I turned my Steam Deck into a Windows Deck, by setting up a full Windows 11 installation on a Samsung EVO Select MicroSD card. 

Well, it sucks to be me, because the SD card I purchased literally a couple of weeks ago is now a massive 50% off. 🤡

The Samsung EVO Select MicroSD range is among the best options on the market, which is why it's included on our best SD card for Steam Deck and best SD card for Surface devices lists. MicroSD XC with the A2 V30 standards make these cards incredibly speedy, which is obviously ideal for things like running a full OS installation on a device like the Steam Deck. Obviously, it's also ideal for simply expanding storage. These cards come in various shapes and sizes, from 64GB all the way up to 512GB, which sports the biggest saving at 53%. As of writing, it seems the deal is only available in the United States. 

Whether you need a MicroSD card for a phone, Nintendo Switch or a full-size SD card for cameras, these cards also come with an included adapter for good measure. 

Samsung EVO Select MicroSD Cards (up to 53% off)

Samsung EVO Select MicroSD Cards (up to 53% off)

The Samsung EVO Select MicroSD card range is the best on the market right now by most metrics, and this current sale also makes it the best value. Save yourself up to $50 bucks with a 512GB card, and never go hungry on storage again. It also comes with a full SD adapter for laptops, cameras, and other devices. 

Buy at: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">Amazon (US)

I've been using the Samsung MicroSD cards since forever, and they've never given me an issue. The "V30" designation on the 512 card refers to the card's read/write speed, which indicates around 130 MB/s of transfer speeds. You may get faster transfer speeds by dropping to a smaller storage card, however, which impact load times. 

If you want to grab more speed by paying a bit more, I'm pleased to report that the Samsung PRO Plus cards are also on sale right now, offering similar savings. The 128 GB Samsung PRO Plus will grant you around 160 MB/s transfer speeds, beating out the regular EVO cards. 

All of these cards are waterproof, magnet proof, come with 10-year warranties (depending on region), and are just all-around pretty great. 

Samsung PRO Plus MicroSD cards (Up to 50% off)

Samsung PRO Plus MicroSD cards (Up to 50% off)

Samsung is also offering its speedy Pro Plus range for much less than what I just paid for (sigh). These are among the fastest "value" MicroSD cards on the market, and come with adapters too for all sorts of devices. 

Buy at: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">Amazon (US)

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