My favorite gaming chair is $100 off right now and has adjustable lumbar support without a bulky pillow

I've been testing gaming chairs for over three years now and in that time I've absolutely fallen in love with AndaSeat. The company used to make sports car seats for BMW and Mercedes Benz and it employs that same level of quality to its gaming chairs today. Right now, the company is doing a pre-Black Friday sales promotion, which reduces many of its gaming chairs by quite a bit.

Currently, my absolute favorite gaming chair, the AndaSeat Kaiser 3, is on sale for $100 off as part of this event. I've tested quite a few gaming chairs since reviewing this one, but it's by far the one that I prefer to use. It's comfortable, made of beautiful materials, can hold a lot of weight, and has adjustable built-in lumbar support so I can find the perfect settings to help me be comfortable and sit up straight. Plus, you can either get it in a large or extra large size depending on your needs.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 L: was $499.99 now $399.99 at AndaSeat

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 L: was $499.99 now $399.99 at AndaSeat

This gaming chair is very sturdy and is available in a variety of colors with both fabric and faux leather options to choose from. The large version can hold up to 260 pounds and has adjustable internal lumbar support so you can get it to the right height and pressure level for your specific needs. 

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 XL: was $549.99 now $449.99 at AndaSeat

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 XL: was $549.99 now $449.99 at AndaSeat

This larger and more spacious version of the Kaiser 3 can hold up to 395 pounds and also comes in a variety of color options that are either fabric or faux leather. The DuraXtra foam combined with adjustable lumbar support and a magnetic neck pillow provide a very comfortable sitting experience. 

✅Perfect for: People who sit at their desks for long stretches and want something that is comfortable and will that will last a long time.

❌Avoid it if: You specifically want something that comes with a lumbar pillow.

🔍Our experience: AndaSeat Kaiser 3 review

The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 XL is my favorite gaming chair of all time.  (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central)
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I did my AndaSeat Kaiser 3 XL review last year for our sister site iMore before coming to work at Windows Central. Meanwhile, my current colleague, Sean Endicott, also did an AndaSeat Kaiser 3 review for Windows Central around that same time. So you can read both of our glowing reports regarding this gaming chair.

There are definitely less expensive gaming chairs out there, but something I can say for AndaSeat is that they make really high-quality products that will last you for a long time. Some of the cheaper chairs I've tested fall apart after a while or aren't nearly as sturdy feeling. So, it might cost a bit more, but the Kaiser 3 is definitely a great investment that will last a long time and provide excellent back support while doing so. 

There is a knob on either side of the chair that when turned adjusts either lumbar height or pressure.  (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / Windows Central)

One of the things I absolutely love about it is that it has internal lumbar support that can be adjusted using the knobs on either side. When turned, one knob determines how high the lumbar support is while the other knob determines how far out the lumbar support comes. That way, I can get the chair to fit my specific needs without having to fumble around with an awkward (and usually bulky) lumbar pillow. Meanwhile, an included neck pillow attaches to the top of the chair magnetically. It is soft to the touch and feels great to rest back on. 

My Kaiser 3 XL is black PVC leather with orange stitching and looks beautiful wherever it is, but there are plenty of other colors to choose from including gray, orange, brown, red, pink, and blue. I love the faux leather material because it's easy to clean, however, there is also the option of going with a fabric material if you prefer that feel.   

The chair comes unassembled and comes with helpful step-by-step instructions to help you get it put together. All of the tools you need are also included in the box so you don't need to supply anything yourself. 

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