Corsair's most comfortable wireless gaming headset is down to just $94 ahead of Cyber Monday

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There are plenty of great deals on gaming headsets, and Corsair's HS80 RGB Wireless strikes the ideal combination between comfort and sound quality. While I prefer the sound quality of the Virtuoso RGB Wireless XT, that headset costs more than double, and to its credit, the HS80 RGB Wireless comes remarkably close.

Where the HS80 RGB Wireless comes out ahead is comfort — this is the most comfortable Corsair gaming headset around, and I tested all of the brand's headsets. The best part is that the headset is now down to just $94, making it a downright steal.

Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless Gaming Headset: $149 $94 at Amazon

Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless Gaming Headset: $149 $94 at Amazon

The HS80 RGB Wireless combines supreme comfort with excellent sound quality. It does a great job delivering features from Corsair's flagship headset, and the best part is that it's now available for under $100. 

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Here's why you should pick up the HS80 RGB Wireless

Comfort is a key talking point when it comes to the HS80 RGB Wireless, so I'll start with that. The structure of the headset is made out of aluminum, so it is built to last. And thanks to a floating headband design, the weight is distributed evenly across your head, so it feels incredibly comfortable even during extended gaming sessions.

The headset has a slightly high clamping force, but the fabric earpads do an outstanding job ensuring the headset doesn't exert too much pressure on your ears, and the material is breathable. The angled design of the earcups also goes a long way in ensuring you get a good fit, and the matte finish means it doesn't pick up much dust.

You get a boom mic that's of a decent quality, and while it isn't detachable, but it can be tucked away when not in use, and it's automatically muted. As for the sound, the HD80 has large 50mm drivers that sound amazing, and you get a warm soundstage with plenty of vibrancy, making it a great choice for most games.

You won't see any issues with connectivity either thanks to Corsair's custom Slipstream tech, and having used it extensively with my gaming PC, I didn't run into any issues whatsoever. As an added bonus, you get Dolby Atmos virtual surround tech when you use the headset with Windows.

Overall, the HS80 RGB Wireless is a terrific gaming headset, and coming in at just $94, it is a remarkable value.

Harish Jonnalagadda
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