The BEST Xbox headset you can buy is $110 off right now — and I can't believe it's a real deal 🔥

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro, a marvel of gaming audio engineering, has long reigned as our top pick for Xbox headsets. Typically priced at a premium $329.99, I nearly fell off my chair when I stumbled upon it on Woot for a limited time at just $219.99. Why so surprised you ask? I scoured the Xbox accessories over Prime Day, Black Friday and post-holiday to find the best deals for Xbox gamers, and I never saw this headset that low. Seriously, there wasn't a retailer left in the US I hadn't checked for headset prices. The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro only hit its previous low of $279.99 during Black Friday. This is, without a doubt, the lowest it has ever been. Plus, you know how it goes with Woot deals — they're here today, gone tomorrow, and the best prices are 1 unit per customer. So, if you're itching to grab one, I'd suggest you sprint over there pronto.

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Xbox Headset$329.99now $219.99 at Woot

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro Xbox Headset | was $329.99 now $219.99 at Woot

Our Managing Editor, Jez Corden, awarded the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro a rare 5-star review. With maximum comfort, top-tier construction, swappable batteries, interference-free Bluetooth, and Xbox wireless sound mixing, along with a great mic, superb on-ear controls, and a sleek design, it's the epitome of excellence in Xbox headsets. Think of it as the Mary Poppins of gaming gear — practically perfect in every way. (Be sure to select Xbox in the version drop-down.)

✅Perfect for: A flawless gaming and audio experience across Xbox and Windows PC devices.

❌Avoid if: You need SPDIF optical audio inputs to mix audio from a TV or secondary source with audio from your PC (more applicable to content creators).

💰Price check: $329.99 at Amazon

🔍Hands-on review: Turtle Beach Stealth Pro review

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Why is the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro our top Xbox headset?

Windows Central Best Award

(Image credit: Windows Central | Jez Corden)

It's exceptionally rare for our Managing Editor Jez Corden to award a headset 5 stars in fact the only others on our list with this accolade are the much older SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro and the LucidSound LS35X. Neither of which are on sale currently.

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro has more than earned its acclaim on Windows Central as the headset that finally toppled the SteelSeries off the top spot, and for good reason. In a headset market that has somewhat stagnated over the past couple of years and lacks real innovation, the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro decided to launch a top-of-the-range premium headset with a feature set packed with everything you need and the kitchen sink, something that would normally spell disaster. Instead of doing too much and performing mid in every testing category, it bowled us over.

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro follows the recent trend of higher-end headsets by including Bluetooth, allowing users to mix sound from a secondary mobile source with Xbox gameplay. This is beneficial for content creators who may need multiple sound sources for streaming, as well as for general users whose friends play on other platforms. Typically, this feature is susceptible to interference due to the proximity of Xbox wireless radios to Bluetooth radios. However, the Stealth Pro is the first headset our Editor used in his heavily congested radio office that maintains a solid signal across both sound sources for extended periods.

(Image credit: Windows Central | Jez Corden)

The build quality is also top-notch, offering a broader size range for those 'larger of skull' than its competitors.. The over-ear cups are more spacious than other headsets, and provide a broader soundstage. The audio quality is astounding and uses Turtle Beach's knack for tactical tuning to enhance sound ranges that reveal enemy positions in your games. You can also disable it for a more cinematic, bass-heavy sound, which truly enhances movies, music, and single-player games.

The only area that didn't meet all of our Editor's needs was the lack of SPDIF optical audio-in port on the transmitter, something wholly specific to his requirements for content creation and dislike for using multiple Bluetooth signals. Not really an issue for most consumers looking for a premium headset. Also, a feature that would no doubt push that price up even more. You should read the entire Turtle Beach Stealth Pro review if you want to know more, but don't take too long as the deals on Woot are notoriously short-lived, and that $219.99 price is truly remarkable.

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