Deal alert: This PC monitor was already a great budget option, but now a major discount makes it way more affordable than usual

I do a lot of different kinds of work from my office computer, everything from browsing the internet to typing up articles and even working on projects within creative programs. As such, I always make sure to use a monitor that offers great color gamut and crisp resolution to show my projects off to best effect. Right now, it's easier on your wallet to get such a monitor. The 27-inch ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV monitor is on sale for just $239.00 at Amazon rather than its usual price of $319.99. That's 25% off for a fantastic monitor for creative work. 

The 27-inch monitor was already a great price at its full MSRP but with this discount it's currently a real steal of a bargain.

ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV 27-inch$319.99now $239.00 at Amazon (25% off)

ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV 27-inch: was $319.99 now $239.00 at Amazon (25% off)

This 27-inch, 75Hz IPS display offers WQHD (2560 x 1440) resolution with a fantastic 100% sRGB color gamut to show off your creative projects to their best advantage. What's more, the stand is adjustable so you can get the display at the right height, tilt, or pivot orientation for your needs. 

✅Perfect for: Creative work due to the monitor's fantastic color capabilities, good refresh rate, and crisp resolution.

❌Avoid it if: You'd prefer an OLED display or a monitor that offers better contrast

💰Price check: $239.00 at B&H | $239.99 at Newegg | $271.99 at Best Buy | $289.00 at Walmart | $318.19 at Target 

A monitor that displays your creative projects beautifully

If you work in creative programs like I do, then you know how crucial it is to have a display with good picture quality. This means having a decent refresh rate to keep up with video editing, a great color gamut to help you choose the correct hues for digital drawings or effects, and a crisp resolution so you can see everything clearly. The thing is, really nice monitors are really expensive, so it's nice having cheaper alternatives that still work well. Thankfully for those of us watching our wallets, ASUS ProArt Displays are known for their good refresh rate, color gamut, and resolution. Plus, they aren't as costly as a premium OLED display. 

Specifically, the 27-inch IPS monitor that is currently on sale produces 100% sRGB allowing it to show a great range of color. However, it is worth noting that it only produces around 75% of Adobe RGB. Depending on what you specifically use the monitor for, this may or may not matter for you. Additionally, the monitor doesn't do the best with contrast, but for the price of the display it's more than capable of being useful for various creative projects. 

(Image credit: ASUS)

You'll also be able to connect the monitor to various devices thanks to its good selection of ports. These connections include an HDMI port, DisplayPort 1.2, USB-A port, mini-DisplayPort, and a headphone jack. 

I'm also happy to say that the ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV features an adjustable stand. You can move it up and down, tilt it, swivel it, or even pivot it to a portrait orientation. Basically, you can get the display in the exact position you need for your specific situation. Plus, it's VESA wall mountable, so if you have the proper things for that you can get it set up in a more customized way.

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