The crazy-looking DualUp monitor from LG has hit its lowest price for Black Friday

LG DualUp monitor
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It might seem a bit silly when you first look at it, but if you've already got a setup with stacked monitors or you're planning on creating one then the appeal of this monitor should be obvious. There are distinct advantages to having two screens on top of the other, especially if you're into video editing or content creation. Today you can get that in one fell swoop and save money in the process.

The LG DualUp 28BQ780-B monitor has dropped in price to just $589 at B&H. The monitor has sold for $700 since its release earlier this year, and it hadn't gone on sale until this week. But even at other retailers where it is dropping in price, none of them can match what B&H is doing right now. Keep in mind, the B&H deal is a part of the DealZone, which means it is temporary. 

LG DualUp 16:18 monitor $700 $589 at B&H

LG DualUp 16:18 monitor $700 $589 at B&H

If you happen to be the sort that wants to stack two monitors vertically instead of horizontally, then just get one monitor that already does it! And save some money in the process.

We called the DualUp one of the coolest announcements of CES 2022 in January. It is definitely one of the more unique monitors we've seen. I mean, forget UltraWides and curves and all that. The DualUp has a 16:18 aspect ratio and may be one of the only displays that does. Think of the 28-inch display really as more like two 21.5-inch monitors on top of each other. That gives you a lot of verticality to work with. You can either treat it as one big, vertical display or split it up using picture-in-picture mode and such. 

While probably not your go-to gaming monitor, it definitely has some appeal with editing and monitoring of applications like if you want to watch your Discord or Twitch chat while you live stream. It has a total pixel resolution of 2560 x 2880, includes HDR10 support, and uses LG's Nano IPS panel for amazing color accuracy.

The other unique thing about this monitor is that it forgoes the traditional monitor stand. Instead it uses a clamp system that attaches itself to your table or desk. This monitor assumes a lot about you and your style. 

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