The new GameSir X2 Pro for Xbox cloud gaming is 20% off for Prime Day

GameSir X2 Pro
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Xbox Cloud Gaming is the new hotness, and while it's not ideal for playing competitive multiplayer shooters, the latency is good enough for many single games, as well as turn-based games and other types of less intensive action games. However, using the touch controls isn't always the best, particularly in games with user interfaces designed fully for controllers. That's why we tend to recommend gamepads like this one, which helps offset some of the ergonomic problems. 

For Amazon Prime Day, one of the newest and most advanced of the bunch is now available complete with a special offer for Prime Day members. This is the GameSir X2 Pro. 

GameSir X2 Pro for Android and Xbox Cloud Gaming (20% OFF)

The GameSir X2 Pro (not to be confused with the X3, which includes a fan for intensive native gaming), is the latest cloud-oriented gamepad from the firm. It includes a large heatsink pad integrated with its clamp to help with cooling (and thus, battery life), and comes with pass-through power for charging. 

It has all the standard Xbox buttons, including an Xbox nexus button, and a screenshot and capture button compatible with Android for easy clip creation and sharing. The new version of the gamepad has enhanced quality throughout, with better ergonomic design for larger hands, complete with satisfyingly tactile shoulder buttons, alongside improved triggers. It frankly feels closer to something I'd have expected Microsoft itself to have released. 

For Prime Day, it's enjoying a 20% saving reducing the RRP from $80 down to $65. It comes with a carry case, extra thumb sticks, and a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as well to sweeten the deal. The only downside of this controller is that thicker phone cases may struggle to meet contact with the USB-C plug. Generally, though, most phone set ups should be fine. 

At this price, this is arguably the best-value gamepad for Xbox Cloud Gaming or compatible Android gaming in general right now. 

Jez Corden
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