This Dell monitor is so Cheapy McCheapface for Cyber Monday you just won't believe it

Not everyone wants a super flashy gaming monitor with absurd refresh rates or high resolution. For those who just want an external display for a laptop or a good panel to look at in their home office, this is the best deal of Cyber Monday. Dell has knocked its SE2422H 24-inch monitor down to just $79.99, and I still can't believe it's so cheap. 

Dell SE2422H 24-inch monitorwas $149.99now $79.99 at Dell

Dell SE2422H 24-inch monitor | was $149.99 now $79.99 at Dell

If all you want is a good quality monitor that doesn't break the bank it's hard to do any better than this. Knocked down in price by $70, it's still offering 1080p resolution and a 75Hz refresh rate, along with Dell’s TÜV-certified ComfortView feature on this anti-flicker, anti-glare display. You've only got until the end of the day to grab one though!

✅Perfect for: Daily use in a home or office setup, adding an affordable external display to a laptop. 

❌Avoid it if: You want a fast gaming monitor. 

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A cheap PC monitor, without a catch

Dell 24 FHD monitor

(Image credit: Dell)

You might be wondering what the catch is, but there isn't one. A few years ago I had an older model in this product line, and it was good. It's not really a gaming monitor, but with a 75Hz refresh rate, you could certainly hook up an Xbox Series S and have a great time. Oh, and it supports AMD FreeSync. Yup, it's under $100 and still has FreeSync. 

What this is, is just a good, solid, all-round PC monitor for an unbelievable price. 24-inches at 1080p gives you plenty of screen real estate to work with, and with anti-glare, anti-flicker and Dell’s TÜV-certified ComfortView it's about as kind to your eyes as you could want it to be. Certainly at this price point. 

There are things you don't get, like height adjustment, but come on, it's just under 80 bucks! For a price that low it's practically impossible to find anything to knock about it. The color reproduction is the only real weak point, but again, if you're looking for a budget monitor then it's a sacrifice you'll have to make every time. This one won't hang around, when Dell runs out of its allocation it'll be gone. And in the time it took me to write this the price already increased by $10, so to get the cheapest deal you can, click that button now!

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