We rated this Govee AI gaming kit a best buy and less than a year later they are practically giving it away with this insane price cut

I love Govee products, its seamless syncing my smart home devices means I've accumulated many of its offerings over the years, from bulbs to LED strips, to snazzy curtain lights. The Govee AI gaming sync box has always been that little bit too expensive for my tastes though, despite our review raving about how great it is at syncing colors from your TV or gaming monitor to create an immersive gaming experience far and above what you'll get from an LED strip. Well, the price is no longer a stumbling block, at least for you lucky people in the US, as Amazon has slashed it from $200 to $75 — yes really. My eyes nearly popped out my skull as I was browsing Amazon. If you want everything you need to transform your gaming space in one kit, $75 is practically giving this tech away.

Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit | $199.99now $75 at Amazon (make sure to click add $10 coupon before checkout)

Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit | was $199.99 now $75 at Amazon (make sure to click add $10 coupon before checkout)

January is the month of staying in and out the dreary cold, and you can make it a lot more interesting by using this time to upgrade your gaming and entertainment set-up to levels worthy of an obnoxious TikTok video.

The Govee AI gaming sync box kit includes AI tech that syncs the colors of your monitor or TV with the video source, creating immersive lighting effects that enhance your visual and audio enjoyment. It supports up to 4K resolutions or 240Hz refresh rates, and has a fast response time of 16ms. It works with any HDMI device, such as a PC, console, or streaming box, and is compatible with screens between 27 and 34 inches. 

✅Perfect for: An immersive RGB gaming experience that supports up to 4K resolutions

❌Avoid if: Your monitor or TV is not between 26-34" 

💰Price check: $149.99 at Govee

🔍Hands-on review: Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit review

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Why we rated the Govee AI gaming sync box kit a BEST buy at Windows Central

Govee AI gaming sync box kit

The sync box has a beautifully reactive LED strip that matches your scene. (Image credit: Ben Wilson | Windows Central)

Govee is well known for its RGB solutions, and introduced the H6601 AI gaming sync box last year to offer stunning reactive lighting experiences to enhance gaming and entertainment set ups. Originally priced at $300 MSRP, then falling to $200 as it's aged, $75 for the entire kit is an incredibly cracking deal if ever I saw one.

Designed for screen sizes between 27-34", the sync box is easy to set up, requiring the attachment of the RGB strip to the back of your monitor. The Govee Home app guides you through the straightforward process via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection as it does with all it's other products. The beauty of this kit is you get the sync box, the strip and two light bars so there is no faffing around and deciding what to pair with it if you're new to the Govee eco system. 

The standout feature, as noted in our review that gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars, is the AI CogniGlow engine. A technology developed by Govee,, It is an AI algorithm that can sync the colors and effects of the lights with the video source, such as a game or a movie, to create a more immersive and dynamic experience.

Providing a mesmerizing 240Hz color display within 16ms from the edges and rear of the screen. The HDMI pass-thru solution eliminates the need for unsightly cameras, delivering an immersive experience whether you choose to put this on the back of your monitor or TV.

While the Govee Home app offers extensive controls, the sync box includes a dedicated power button and defaults to HDMI input, minimizing reliance on the app. If your screen falls within the specified size range, this kit provides unmatched accuracy and responsiveness for an immersive RGB experience, making it a highly recommended purchase. If this was available in the UK for this price I'd be jumping on it. 

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