You may be sus, but this Among Us backpack Prime Day deal isn't

The UZONZOM Among Us Backpack
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The hit party game Among Us completely took over the internet when it gained an explosive amount of popularity in 2020, and ever since, it has remained a fan-favorite for groups of friends looking to have a good time. While the game is generally well liked by most, it's especially popular with kids and teenagers. If you're a parent of a huge Among Us fan (or you're a superfan of the game yourself), consider getting them this Among Us-themed backpack that's only $29 at Amazon right now thanks to Prime Day. That price is 22% lower than the standard $37, making this quite a nice bargain.

Despite the silly appearance of the bag itself, the quality of it is anything but sus. It's made out of tear-resistant and waterproof polyester fabric, and the interior compartments are padded well and provide lots of cushioning for objects like laptops and textbooks. There are also mesh pockets for things like water bottles, as well as plenty of extra space for binders, books, pencil bags, and other school supplies.

Don't be sus and miss this Prime Day deal

Among Us backpack by UZONZOM | $37 $29 at Amazon

Among Us backpack by UZONZOM | $37 $29 at Amazon

This excellent Among Us-themed backpack may look silly, but it's very durable, offers plenty of interior padding, and has plenty of room for school supplies. This makes it an awesome, if not slightly cursed, back-to-school gift for kids.

Another nice feature of the backpack is its adjustable shoulder straps, which ensure that the vast majority of people can wear it comfortably. That's a big deal, as kids often spend hours carrying their backpacks throughout the day.

With summer vacation ending in just a month or so, getting this backpack as a back-to-school gift for your child or young teenager is a great idea. Yeah, it's silly and a little bit "cursed," but a lot of kids like that these days. 

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