Astro's A40 TR MixAmp headset combo is an essential piece of kit for anyone looking to elevate their audio game. The MixAmp allows you to freely and easily mix the volume of your console or PC game sound with voice chat, having two separate audio channels for both. Additionally, this is the most affordable MixAmp on the market that allows you to easily combine audio from your PC for voice chat and audio from your Xbox One console for games. This makes it an excellent option for game streamers and content creators who play primarily on Xbox, but stream using a capture card.

For Amazon Prime Day, it's $100 cheaper than usual, clocking in at $150 for both Xbox and PS4 variants.

Mix it up

Astro A40 TR with MixAmp (Xbox One/PC)

Headset combo

The Astro A40 TR MixAmp combo allows you to quickly and easily mix sound between your console and your PC, and between your game and your voice chat.

PlayStation version

Astro A40 TR with MixAmp (PS4/PC)

For the players

Due to different voice chat protocols, Astro has made two separate versions of this bundle. The PS4 version comes in a black gloss to match up with Sony's big console.

Due to the way voice chat protocols work on Xbox One and PS4, Astro made two separate versions of its MixAmp. This allowed Astro to incorporate the different security features on both consoles. Both versions are fully compatible with PC however, complete with a robust PC app that will enable you to tweak everything from voice monitoring side tone, noise gating, EQ presets, and general volume defaults. Switching between console and PC mode is as easy as holding down a button. The MixAmp itself is powered via USB, connecting to your console using a SPDIF optical cables.

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The headset itself is also incredibly comfortable and hard-wearing. I used mine for well over a year before upgrading to something wireless, without even a hint of damage or wear and tear. This is a headset bundle that will last you a long time, and will not disappoint.

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