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All Articles by Chris Parsons

Cross-platform BES12 Cloud for Enterprises and SMBs now available

BlackBerry takes their BES servers to the cloud with support for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10.

Officially announced during Mobile World Congress 2015 and previously available in a closed beta, BlackBerry has now opened the doors to BES12 Cloud for all enterprises as well as small and medium sized organizations who wish to sign up for the services.

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Sprint plans to lay off an unspecified number of employees in efforts to further reduce costs

While Sprint maintains their position as the third largest carrier in the U.S., they announced on Friday that they will be laying off an unspecified number of management and nonmanagement jobs this month in efforts to further reduce costs.

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New BBM for Windows Phone beta now available!

If you're part of the BBM beta for Windows Phone, you'll want to go ahead and get yourself updated. BlackBerry has now rolled out v120.0.0.1 and it's packed full of bug fixes, features additions but alas, as it is a beta there's also some things to be aware of before you hop right into it. Luckily, BlackBerry has provided a full change log for everyone to look through so you can decide for yourself if you want to run a beta.

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Microsoft slips 'Windows TH' name onto new technical preview site

Microsoft's next version of Windows, known alternatively as Windows 9 and by the code name "Threshold" is set for unveiling on September 30th but it seems Microsoft has let a little bit more info slip out ahead of schedule. Appearing on Microsoft's Tech Net site, the 'Windows TH' name has been dropped along with some details about a 'Windows Technical Preview for Enterprise'.

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AT&T offering double data on Mobile Share plans for a limited time

Are you a heavy data user? If so, AT&T is hoping you'll look their way and consider their latest promotion. For a limited time, they're doubling up the data offered on their Mobile Share value plans.

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Toshiba's 7-inch Encore Mini now in stock at the Microsoft Store for only $119

Announced back on September 3rd, we got our first look at the super-affordable Toshiba 7-inch Encore Mini Windows tablet a few days later at IFA but since then it hasn't really made too many appearances.

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Microsoft announces Windows 9 event to take place on September 30th

After a few leaks and speculation surrounding a Windows 9 event set for September 30th, Microsoft has now made it official. The next steps for Windows and the Enterprise will be announced in San Francisco on September 30th according to invites now being sent out and it's highly expected a technical preview of the new OS code named Threshold will see release.

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Grab a T-Mobile Lumia 635 for only $105 from Newegg Flash

If you're looking to score a deal on a Lumia 635 for T-Mobile then Newegg Flash might have just what you're looking for. Right now, if you head on over to their site, you find they're hosting a sale on the device and have it priced at only $105 with free shipping until Tuesday and after that it will disappear. Need a reminder of the specs before you jump in? No worries. We got you covered.

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Verizon now offering $60 single line plan with unlimited talk and text, 2GB of data

If you happen to be looking for a new smartphone plan and don't need a lot of data and only have one line to worry about, Verizon has now dropped a new plan that might be of interest to you.

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Microsoft Research wants to take haptic feedback to the next level

Haptic feedback on handheld devices isn't exactly anything new but the folks at Microsoft Research Asia or more specifically, researcher Hong Tan, found that by adding in haptics to add tactile sensations to screens, users could benefit dramatically.

Tan essentially wants to create sensations that people can experience when interacting with their daily objects. Rather than just touching and looking at your devices, Tan would have you interacting with your devices in new ways and have them touching you back.

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Microsoft's OEM Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 site now lists full OS changes

Remember that little corner of the Microsoft Dev Center for OEMs that shared some rather technical details surrounding the Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 update? Well, it seems as though it just became a bit more open and is now more easily accessible for everyone who wants to take a peek at its contents.

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Educational endless runner, Get Water arrives on Windows Phone

After having spent some time on iOS and Android, the developers behind Get Water, Decode Global Studio, have finally made the game available on Windows Phone. If you're not familiar with the game, Get Water is the educational side­scrolling endless runner that aims to bring attention to the water scarcity in India and South Asia, and the effects it has on girls' education.

It tells the story of Maya, a girl who loves going to school and learning new things, but as the village's water pump is broken she keeps getting pulled out of school to get water for her family. The faster Maya can collect water, the faster she can get back to school to learn more.

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U.S. House clears legislation to make unlocking cellphones legal

Although most people generally don't think of it when they go to unlock their cellphone for another carrier, the process of doing so in the U.S. has been a topic of much debate involving consumers, the House of Representatives, and even the President of the United States.

For those unfamiliar, service providers like AT&T and Verizon typically lock their devices so they can only be used with their service. If unlocked, phones can be taken over to other carriers. This is hugely important for promoting healthy competition and empowering consumer choice, not to mention being very useful for travel.

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BBM for Windows Phone beta saw 10,000 signups within 24 hours

Over at the Inside BlackBerry Blog today, Matthew Talbot Senior Vice President, Emerging Solutions at BlackBerry has detailed some information about where BlackBerry is hoping to take BBM in the long term and the overall cross-platform strategy of the app. The post highlights a lot of interesting stuff such as his recent trip to Jakarta and seeing billboards advertising devices as coming with BBM.

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Yahoo scoops up mobile analytics firm Flurry to strengthen their mobile products

Yahoo has been on a mission to strengthen their mobile products for a while now and to push that envelope even further, the company has now announced they'll be acquiring mobile analytics firm Flurry after having reached a definitive agreement. Flurry, was started in 2008 and today has reached over 170,000 developers across 1.4 billion devices monthly with their services being offered to pretty much every mobile operating system out there one way or another.

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Some great deals are happening on Lumia devices in the Philippines

If you live in the Philippines and are looking to score yourself a new Windows Phone device, you're in luck! Right now, Abenson, Avant, and Electroworld are hosting a pretty big sale on Nokia Lumia devices such as the Lumia 1020, Lumia 1320 and the Lumia 1520. The pricing is the same across the board, so it doesn't exactly matter where you order from as long as you order before July 18th, as that's when the deals will end.

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Nextgen Reader reader now faster and universal, major update now available

The popular Nextgen Reader is now faster and universal thanks to a new update that was just published. Coming in as v6.1.1.2, the latest release adds plenty of new features to mix and is considered to be a major update. Thankfully, the details of what all has been changed have been outlined so let's take look at those.

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6tin returns to Windows Phone after Tinder complaint

If you've been displeased at the fact Tinder filed a trademark complaint against Rudy Huyn and his 6tin app, you can now take a step back and relax a little bit because the app has once again arrived on Windows Phone and is available for download.

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GameStop offering some great deals on Xbox One gear this weekend!

If you're looking to score some good deals on Xbox One gear, then you'll want to check out GameStop this weekend. As part of a special 'Xbox One weekend' promotion, the retail chain has set some reduced pricing on not only games but Xbox Live Gold memberships, controllers, controller charging stations and more!

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Nokia Lumia 1320 arrives on Cricket for $280

If you've been waiting for the Nokia Lumia 1320 to arrive on Cricket since we told you of its inevitable arrival, the wait is over. Appearing on the Cricket website right now, you can grab your own Lumia 1320 for only $280 with no contract.

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