Microsoft has added native keyboard and mouse support to Xbox One, delivering a viable controller alternative for select titles. Fortnite, Warframe, and more are compatible, enhancing precision, and increasing familiarity for PC converts. We've rounded up the top keyboards compatible with Xbox One in 2018.

All you need

Corsair K95

The Corsair K95 packs all you need from a gaming keyboard, although paired with an equally premium price. It's a sturdy RGB-draped peripheral built for daily gaming, with choice of Cherry MX Speed or Brown mechanical switches for a great feel while typing. Moving custom profiles from PC to Xbox One is also simple, via 8MB of onboard storage.

$180 at Amazon

Cut the cable

Logitech G613

Cut the tethers with the Logitech G613 wireless keyboard, positioned as the ultimate cable-free solution for gamers. Wireless is increasingly appealing, with Logitech boasting a one-millisecond report rate and its in-house Romer-G mechanical switches. And with up to one year of battery life, this is the best hassle-free keyboard for Xbox One.

$93 at Amazon

Couch gaming

Corsair K63 lapboard

Corsair's K63 is ideal for living room gamers, offering a couch-friendly, "lapboard" alternative. This setup centers around its mechanical K63 mechanical keyboard, featuring Cherry MX Red switches. With its accompanying detachable lapboard, this creates a cohesive surface for mouse and keyboard use. And with its memory foam-lined underside, it's the most comfortable way to play away from the desk.

$157 at Amazon

Best on budget

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

The HyperX Alloy FPS Pro comes in at just $70, delivering a sturdy gaming companion without breaking the bank. It nails the basics with its strong build quality and Cherry MX Red switches, while optional textured WASD keycaps accommodate shooter fans.

$70 at Amazon

While the Corsair K95 is considered one of today's best gaming keyboards, wireless goes far when playing on Xbox One. The Logitech G613 is well suited for a clean setup, yet the Corsair K63 is perfect for the living room via its clip-on lapboard.

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