Best Laptop for Web Surfing and Social Media

Why the HP Stream X360 is best

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Folks often find themselves being seduced into spending a lot more than they really need to on a laptop. It's easily done, especially when you see some of the latest and greatest, but if you're a light PC user focused on web browsing and social media primarily, there's no reason to throw your money away.

There's no reason to throw money away on an expensive ultrabook

What you get in the HP Stream X360 is some of the experience you'd get with a more expensive machine, slimmed down and dramatically cheaper. The Intel Celeron processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage won't go too far if you're a more intensive user, but for web and social it's absolutely fine.

The benefit to snagging an X360 is that it's a convertible, which means you have a touchscreen that folds all the way around. So if you like to browse and catch up with your friends while you're on the sofa, you've got yourself a Windows 10 tablet.

Without spending a lot of cash you've got a versatile laptop that's also slim and light enough to throw in a bag and take with you wherever you go.


Great laptops like the HP Stream X360 prove you don't need to spend a fortune if your use case is less demanding and focused on primarily web and social browsing. It gives an all-round experience, behaving like both a laptop and tablet, perfect for putting your feet up and catching up on the day.

But the strength of the Windows ecosystem means there are other great choices out there, too.

Richard Devine
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