Best Gaming Mice for MOBAs

Why the Razer Naga Hex V2 is the best MOBA mouse

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The original Naga Hex enabled gamers to develop their skills in MOBA titles at a faster rate, thanks to its performance, functionality and neat button array on the side. That button wheel allowed for a total of six buttons to be programmed, depending on the title in play. League of Legends and DOTA players could bind item slots to a button and free up finger mashing for ability keys.

The second-gen Naga Hex packs a 16,000-DPI laser sensor and an improved seven-button thumb wheel. It also supports Chroma technology. Essentially, it's a modern replacement for the original Naga Hex, with RGB lighting and other features that are now the norm in Razer mice and keyboards. Overall, it has 14 programmable buttons, which is key here. (Pardon the pun.)

In addition to the 16,000-DPI sensor, the mouse can track up to 210 inches per second with 50G acceleration. It's accurate and precise through both slow and fast movements, with 1,000Hz ultra polling and a response time of just one millisecond. The company also kept a similar style with familiar ergonomics for veterans of the original pointer.


The best mouse for anything can depend a little on personal preference. A certain mouse you purchase may not feel just right. That said, this collection of mice really are among the best of the best out there, especially if you plan on playing a few MOBAs.

Updated July 13, 2018: We looked over this guide and made a few edits to continue offering the best in the industry.

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