Best Minecraft Black Friday Deals for $15 or Less Windows Central 2021

Black Friday has arrived, and lots of people are on the hunt for the perfect gifts, either for themselves or for loved ones. As Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, there are bound to be a ton of people looking for books, toys, merch, and more matching that iconic brand. We already found some of the Best Minecraft Black Friday Deals for those wanting to spend a little more, but now we're tracking down all the best deals that can be had for $15 or less.

The lowest dungeons: Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition (Digital)

Staff Pick

Minecraft Dungeons, the ARPG spin-off of Minecraft, is on sale practically everywhere, but it's never been quite this low before, coming in at a staggering 50% off for the Hero Edition, which includes the base game and all current DLC. Keep in mind, this is digital-only and just on Xbox, but it's still a fantastic price.

$15 at Amazon (50% off)

Larger than life: LEGO Minecraft - Creeper BigFig and Ocelot (184 pieces)

LEGO and Minecraft as a pair only make sense, and this is a great starter kit for anyone looking to combine the two. Build larger-than-life creeper and ocelot figures, either to have as awesome decorative pieces, regular toys or to terrify your regular-sized mini-figures.

Pig big fig: LEGO Minecraft - Pig and Baby Zombie BigFig (159 pieces)

The second in the LEGO Minecraft "BigFig" series, this set gives you a larger-than-life pairing with a joyful pig and a baby zombie that is more than happy to perch on top of its larger pink companion. This set is a little less complicated than its creeper counterpart but still makes for a great gift, especially at this price. Also, it's fun to say "pig bigfig."

Stone glow red: Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore Statue

This small cube can fit into the palm of your hand and looks an awful lot like a block of redstone ore from Minecraft. That would be, of course, because it is a block of redstone ore, but this particular block can glow, just like the real (digital) thing in Minecraft.

$11 at Amazon (59% off)

Minecraft juice: Minecraft Thermos Funtainer

A thermos is, of course, useful for storing food or liquids and keeping them hot or cold, depending on what they are. But what about a Minecraft thermos? Will, in Minecraft, it'd only be useful for lava or water, but this Minecraft-themed thermos seems to be just as useful as a regular 10 oz. thermos, only it's on sale.

$16 at Amazon (10% off)

Some light reading: Minecraft Official Novel: The Lost Journals

Minecraft has a plethora of Official Novels with new adventures and stories in each one. The Lost Journals tells the story of friends Max and Alison, who find a mysterious journal that speaks of the Nether dimension. After an accident strands them in this fiery place, they must find the man who wrote the journals and survive the perils of the Nether.

Minecraft bestseller: Minecraft Official Novel: The Crash

A New York Time's Bestseller, The Crash tells the story of Bianca, who is in a car accident with her best friend and left paralyzed by the crash. Bianca decides to try a virtual reality version of Minecraft that responds to the user's every desire, but it's not all fun and games. Bianca and other children must overcome their own fears to prevail in this novel.

The first of many: Minecraft Official Novel: The Island

The very first Minecraft Official Novel came from the author of World War Z, a sole castaway washes up on shore, dazed and confused. There's one major problem that exists above all others: it seems the entire world is made of blocks. The story's protagonist finds themselves in Minecraft and has to survive against creepers, zombies, and more.

Building expertise: Minecraft: Epic Bases

This official Minecraft guide gives you everything you need to take your base building to the next level, with an absurd number of tips, tricks, templates, themes, and more words that begin with "T." For those wanting to create an incredible base in their Minecraft world, look no farther than this book.

You have to survive: Minecraft: Guide to Survival

This updated official Minecraft guide has all the information about, well, surviving. Learn how to live in Minecraft's often-dangerous world, what biomes to look for or avoid, how to build a solid base (before you get crazy with the aforementioned Epic Bases guide), where to find loot, and more.

All-in-one fun: Minecraft Official Sticker Book: Survival

Unlike other official Minecraft guides, which keep things confined to in-game Minecraft, the Official Sticker Books are filled with real-world activities and hundreds of stickers on top of their tips, tricks, and knowledge. In this case, the Official Sticker Book is all about: Survival.

Aquatic activities: Minecraft Official Sticker Book: Aquatic

Unlike other official Minecraft guides, which keep things confined to in-game Minecraft, the Official Sticker Books are filled with real-world activities and hundreds of stickers on top of their tips, tricks, and knowledge. In this case, the Official Sticker Book is all about: Aquatic.

Great deals for any budget

Even with all these awesome deals and gift ideas, Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition stands out as the best pick of the bunch, with a digital code for the Xbox console platform slicing off half of its asking price. Not only is Minecraft Dungeons a great entry in the growing Minecraft franchise, but it's also just a fun game for kids and adults alike, especially when played with friends. This deal nets you Minecraft Dungeons and the Hero Pass, which includes all existing DLC and updates, for only $15. That's quite a steal.

For a good (physical) alternative, I recommend the LEGO Minecraft Creeper BigFig, which is simply a ton of fun and works great as a repeated building project, a decorative figure, or even as a general toy. Work your hands and your mind, and come out the other side with a great looking giant creeper, the most infamous of all Minecraft mobs, and its ocelot buddy. There's not a better price around for this kit, and it's a great price indeed for what you're getting.

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