Best mouse for Surface Go and Surface Go 2 in 2022

Best Mouse for Surface Go
Best Mouse for Surface Go (Image credit: Windows Central)

The best mouse for Microsoft's Surface Go and Surface Go 2 is comfortable, has a long-lasting battery, and can keep up with the PC's portable nature. We've rounded up a bunch of the best mice out there that will pair well with you and your Surface Go, no matter the task at hand.

Bottom line

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The Surface Go and Surface Go 2 aren't particularly generous when it comes to ports, so a wireless mouse is the best option. You could always use a USB-A to USB-C adapter for a 2.4GHz dongle, but it's a far less elegant solution. Every mouse in this roundup has Bluetooth connectivity.

Our top pick is the Logitech MX Master 3. It's a bit bulky to be used as a full-time travel mouse, but otherwise it checks all the boxes. It's comfortable, has long battery life, can connect to multiple devices for easy switching, and it's precise. If you're in an office setting where you're often incorporating your Go or Go 2, it should make a great choice.

The Surface Arc mouse is a much better pick for those always on the move. It snaps flat and turns off during travel, meaning your battery is where you left it before slipping the mouse into a laptop bag. All you need to do is snap it back into a curve to turn it on. It fits the hand well, it's available in a bunch of different colors, and the battery lasts a long time.

For more great options that don't come with a cable, check out our picks for the best wireless mouse for Surface PCs. And if you'd rather not deal with disposable batteries, check out the best wireless rechargeable mice.

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  • no love for the Surface Go mouse?
    (I found the Arc mouse would eventually breakdown and not register with the device without pulling the battery on more than one mouse. Hoping the Go mouse is more reliable)
  • You mean the new Surface Mobile Mouse? That's the one they are shilling with the Go. Seems like a Designer Mouse with a new paint job. I've had numerous Arc Mice, from way back when they weren't BT. They seem to hold up for me. The biggest plus on them in my book is that they turn of when you fold them flat. It's just natural to fold them down for travel so batteries last forever. Most mice will go to sleep if you aren't using them, but they still will burn through batteries than if you turn them off.
  • I think the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse is a poor recommendation since you will need a dongle.
  • No, you don't need a dongle for the Classic Intellimouse. It's USB only.
  • I like this one:
    Not to large. Bluetooth works well.
  • Atheris works fine, including the WiFi version that this site used to say didn't exist. Works fine with everything but the SurfaceBook I had that was one of the models that had the 6 months of huge issues with drivers that MS pretty much kept forgetting to fix.
  • Thank you so much for suggesting this new-to-me MX Ergo wireless trackball as I have been wondering how I could use my tried and true Trackman Marble wired trackball with Surface Go. May go ahead and but MX Ergo and use it with my very old Dell Inspiron 15R laptop. Now can you suggest which model Surface Pen is the best for Surface Go? I have read that some older model(s) of Surface Pen are not optimized for Surface Go, but I have yet to discern any model numbers to purchase with certainty. I hope to edit Excel files with Surface Pen and Surface Go firstly and buy Surface Go keyboard later. Nibbling toward purchase of 8/128 GB Surface Go. If I nibble long enough maybe MS will soon have a revised Surface Go with longer battery time and faster processor.
  • No Surface Mobile Mouse? Got one last week, and currently using it. You won't find anything better for $35. I won't recommend it if you're "mousing" 12 hours a day, but it's a nice companion to have when traveling and using it for "casual" stuff.
  • I think this list is missing the MS Arc Touch Mouse. The Surface Arc Mouse is a nice idea (specifically, that it allows touchpad gestures) but users complain about right-click issues, which is why I never got one (apparently you have to lift your other finger off the touch-sensitive area), plus it's more expensive. I'd rather just get the older Arc Touch Mouse, which is an (only somewhat!) more traditional design.