Best Surface Laptop Go Accessories Windows Central 2021

The Surface Laptop Go is one of the most affordable Surface devices you can get, and using it is a fantastic experience. However, that experience will be even better if you pair the device with some accessories that help you take advantage of the laptop's true potential. Here's a list of the best accessories to pair with the Surface Laptop Go.

The Tomtoc Protective Sleeve.

Best overall: Tomtoc Protective Sleeve

Staff pick

Everybody needs protection for their laptop, and this padded sleeve from Tomtoc provides plenty of it. It also comes with a pouch to store peripherals in.

$24 at Amazon
Surface Dock 2

Best dock: Surface Dock 2

If you're looking to hook up your Surface Laptop Go to external monitors and also want to expand its peripheral connectivity, the Surface Dock 2 is the perfect choice.

Surface Mobile Mouse

Best mouse: Surface Mobile Mouse

The Surface Mobile Mouse is your best bet if you want a traditional mouse for your Surface Laptop Go. It's simple to use, affordable, and comfortable, making it an excellent accessory.

Xbox Wireless Controller Carbon Black

Best game controller: Xbox Wireless Controller

If you'd like to play Xbox games on your Surface Laptop Go, consider getting an Xbox Wireless Controller. Its comfortable, durable design is tried-and-true, making it our favorite controller.

SanDisk Extreme Go

Best USB flash drive: SanDisk Extreme Go

With a 64GB capacity, transfer speeds of 200MB/s, a retractable connector, and an affordable price, the SanDisk Extreme Go is our top choice of USB flash drive.

$20 at Amazon
Anker 4-Port USB Hub

Best USB hub: Anker 4-Port USB Hub

If the Surface Laptop Go's single USB-A port isn't good enough for you, you can turn it into four with this awesome hub from Anker.

$15 at Amazon
Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 Render

Best headphones: Surface Headphones 2

Delivering premium comfort and stellar sound, the second iteration of Surface Headphones provide a superb listening experience.

Microsoft Surface Earbuds

Best earbuds: Surface Earbuds

If you prefer earbuds to traditional over-ear headphones, Microsoft's Surface Earbuds will be right up your alley. With amazing comfort and impressive sound, you can't go wrong.

Western Digital My Passport

Best external storage: Western Digital MyPassport

This compact hard drive from Western Digital comes with 1TB of storage and is quite affordable, making it an excellent choice to pair with the Surface Laptop Go and its limited storage.

Microsoft Number Pad

Best number pad: Microsoft Number Pad

If you want a number pad for working with numbers, Microsoft's new one is fantastic. It has comfortable, low-profile keys and a wonderful price.

$30 at Microsoft

If we had to choose

While the Surface Laptop Go is excellent on its own, your experience with it will be even better with some peripheral accessories. These accessories can help enhance the device's strengths and reduce the impact of its weaknesses, helping you make the most of your usage time. Of all the awesome accessories on this list, our favorite is the Tomtoc Protective Sleeve. Laptop protection is something everyone needs, and the Tomtoc sleeve provides plenty of it for a great price.

If you're looking to bring more connectivity to your Surface Laptop Go, the Surface Dock 2 is what you should go for. It gives you the ability to output to two displays and hook up plenty of peripheral accessories, making it an amazing choice if you want to enhance your productivity.

Lastly, we recommend the Western Digital MyPassport if you want to bolster the Surface Laptop Go's small storage space with an external 1TB drive. It's priced very affordably, so getting it is a great way to enjoy the type of storage you'd get with many of the best Microsoft Surface PCs on a budget-friendly device.

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