Best Xbox One Games Similar to Animal Crossing Windows Central 2020

So, Xbox One doesn't get Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the legendary feel-good life-sim. Why? It is a Nintendo Switch exclusive! If you don't have a Switch (and do consider it if you can, they're awesome), there are a few games that have a similar gameplay loop or feel-good-feel as Animal Crossing. Here are the best we know of.

Next-best thing: Stardew Valley

By far, the game with the most similarities is Stardew Valley, owing to its relaxing atmosphere, therapeutic gameplay loop, and light community-building mechanics. Set on a farm you've inherited, you must build it back up to its former glory, making friends with the local townsfolk along the way.

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Astroneer: Chill in space

What if Animal Crossing was set in the cold reaches of space? Well, Astroneer is probably the closest thing! Featuring cute characters, light, relaxing gameplay, and building and customization mechanics, Astroneer's sci-fi similarities are undeniable.

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Farm 'em up: Farm Together

Farm Together emphasizes co-operative play and farming, but the chillaxing gameplay loop bears some similarities to Animal Crossing. Set up your very own farm, and grow it from simple plantation to bustling business, all with your pals on Xbox Live.

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The classic: Minecraft

Of course, it's Minecraft! While Minecraft survival mode can be tough, you can tailor the difficulty to meet your own pace. Farm crops, build anything you want and even create communities of villagers. This is an excellent option for chilling.

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A menagerie of cute slimes: Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher leans more into sci-fi again, but the gameplay loop is light and relaxing, with a dash of farming and social play. In Slime Rancher, your job is to ranch slimes! Go on the hunt for cutesy critters and build up your very own slime farming business.

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Build a city: Cities: Skylines

While it lacks the social and RPG elements of some of the other titles on this list, it does have a chill atmosphere with a creative edge. In Cities: Skylines, your job is to become the architect of your very own dream city, along with all the managerial aspects that entails.

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Island fun: Castaway Paradise

Castaway Island comes with many similarities to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, complete with a tropical island setting, light community-building gameplay, and colorful design. Decorate your town, farm crops, make friends, and more, in this cutesy adventure.

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A chill time: My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia is clearly directly inspired by games like Animal Crossing, set in a vibrant world full of eclectic characters. In Portia, you arrive on inherited land and have to start a business from scratch, complete with light RPG combat and community-building elements.

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For the goths: Graveyard Keeper

If you ever looked at Stardew Valley and thought, "hey, that looks cool, but it's too happy and sunny for my tastes," check out Graveyard Keeper instead! With all the same gameplay loops as Stardew Valley, Graveyard Keeper takes it in a spooky direction, allowing you to maintain your very own graveyard business.

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Shopkeeping with combat: Moonlighter

Moonlighter does put a much bigger emphasis on combat and dungeon crawling than the other games here, but it also has a light shop-keeping and community-building gameplay loop that should satisfy those who want a little bit of both. Moonlighter is what happens when Stardew Valley meets classic Zelda gameplay.

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Relax 'em up

While there is no real substitute for the uncannily relaxing vibes of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, all of the above games are chilled in their own unique ways. If I had to recommend two though, first I'd go with Stardew Valley. It is the most similar to Animal Crossing on this list in terms of content, with tons of ways to customize and develop your land, with light, economic play, and community-building systems.

While it lacks RPG elements and characters, I always find Cities: Skylines to be among the most relaxing and therapeutic games out there, while also leaning into the creativity you get from Animal Crossing. Build up a city exactly the way you like it while managing traffic and other systems.

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