Bitdefender Coupons: Discounts on internet security, antivirus, & more

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It never hurts to have a little extra protection while you're roaming the internet. It is, after all, a potentially dangerous place to be. Even if all you're doing is checking email, posting funny cat memes on Facebook, and binging YouTube playlists, you could use a Bitdefender program to fight off viruses and malware and keep your computer safe.

Bitdefender has several different types of programs, too. They vary in cost and coverage, but they all provide a comprehensive level of protection that includes everything from privacy firewalls to anti-phishing email protection to just the basic antivirus that works so well. When you're paying for a Bitdefender package, you're almost always paying based on how many devices you want to protect as well. Get antivirus for just your computer or get a package large enough for a small office.

You'll also find Bitdefender regularly goes on sale, so here are some of the best discounts, coupons, and direct deals we can find:

Best Bitdefender Deals:


Antivirus Free Edition

This version of Bitdefender is very light on features, but at the very least it includes antivirus protection for Windows. It works on one device and installs in seconds. It is the least resource intensive version of what Bitdefender offers, so it's great for gamers and people who do a lot of editing with programs that would otherwise use a lot of resources.


Free 30-day Trials

Always start with the Bitdefender website. Here you can find free trials of several different Bitdefender packages. Use them for 30 days, see how they work, then you can fork over the cash if it works for you. The free options also include smartphone apps.


Save up to 50%

If you buy directly from Bitdefender you still have a chance to save. The Solutions page includes packages for every platform, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Many of these deals are greater than 50% off.


Total Security 2021 1-year subscription | As low as $20

One of Bitdefender's most popular packages is the Total Security software because it is multi-platform (covering the big four: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS) and includes both antivirus security and cyber protection. This deal includes a one-year subscription and can work with up to five devices.This version is delivered via an activation code sent to your email. If you'd rather get a physical copy, you can get it for the same price through Bitdefender's Amazon store if you clip the on-page coupon.


Total Security 2021 2-year subscription | As low as $40

If you want to make the leap and grab an extra year on your subscription, you can save a nice chunk of money doing it. The extra year is only $15 more with this deal. You'll find the digital version goes for as much as $150 at Amazon, which is crazy compared to Best Buy's price.Bitdefender has a non-digital version at the same price if you clip the on-page coupon on Amazon.


Antivirus Plus for 3 devices | Just $20

If all you care about is antivirus protection with a few extras like ransomware protection, anti-phishing and anti-fraud, and social network protection, then grab this inexpensive package. It is a one-year subscription for your PC that can be used on up to three devices. Other features include a basic Bitdefender VPN, a password manager, a file shredder, and more.


Internet Security 2021 for 3 devices for 1 year | Just $20

Clip the $8 off on-page coupon on Amazon to get the price this low or buy directly from Best Buy with the same deal. This is specifically the Windows version. It includes parental controls, safe online banking through a secure browser, Bitdefender's VPN for 200MB per day, and several other features.


Antivirus Plus for 1 device for 1 year | $12

This is a digital subscription. Amazon's digital version is not currently on sale. Antivirus Plus includes parental controls, safe online banking through a secure browser, Bitdefender's VPN for 200MB per day, and several other features.


Family Pack 2-year Subscription | $140 off

The Family Pack is a perfect collection if you just have a ton of devices you need to protect because it can cover up to 15 of them for two years. This is a digital version that works with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Covers everything from ransomware to viruses to network threats, and it gives you access to the Bitdefender VPN among other features.

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