The Corsair K55 Pro XT gaming keyboard has matched its lowest price at $50

Corsair K55 Pro Hero
Corsair K55 Pro Hero

Head on over to Amazon and grab the Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT gaming keyboard while it's on sale for $49.99. That's a great low price that the keyboard has only hit once before during the Black Friday weekend. Its usual street price is around $70, and when it does go on sale it normally doesn't go below $60. Today is a unique deal and one that certainly won't last long. Best Buy has also price matched this deal, so you can get it there if you want.

Corsair K55 Pro XT RGB gaming keyboard | $20 off

Corsair K55 Pro XT RGB gaming keyboard | $20 off

An amazing budget option if you're looking for a gaming keyboard. This one includes a ton of great features including IP42 dust and water resistance, dedicated media keys, custom macro keys, and even customized RGB lighting you can set up yourself.

Think of this as an entry-level keyboard for a young gamer or someone working from a strict budget for a new system. It is such a great price for all the features this keyboard has, which even includes integration with Elgato Stream Deck if you want to set up some custom macros for streaming and content creation. It's also a great keyboard for young gamers because it is IP42 rated, which means it's not going to get busted up by dust or spills or water splashes. The keyboard has good ergnomics, too, with an incline setting and a detachable palm rest that should keep you comfortable for long sessions.

You can use Corsair's iCue software to customize a lot of the pieces of this keyboard. For example, it has per-key RGB backlighting. That means custom colors, color effects, and all sorts of dynamic lighting options. There are 10 lighting effects you can choose without even downloading the software if you don't want the extra bloat.

In addition to the full-size keyboard, you have dedicated media buttons. Control the volume or switch tracks or adjust playback with the simple push of a button. You don't even have to stop what you're doing to do it. The other custom keys include the six macro keys on the side that can be used for custom actions.

This is not a mechanical keyboard. It uses rubber dome keys, which are fine and soft to the touch. However, you might find the keys a little less sturdy than a mechanical switch.

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