With a new day comes a new set of Amazon daily deals. Today you can grab the Cubii JR1 under-desk elliptical machine on sale for $229.99. This workout machine normally sells for around $290 and has recently been going for as much as $309. We've seen it drop down to $200 at Best Buy but not in several months. Today's price is the lowest it has been on Amazon, but the price is only good through the end of the day.


Cubii JR1 seated under-desk elliptical | $60 off

Use this at home or work. If you're behind a desk most of the day, this will help you keep moving even while you sit. Works quietly and helps reduce joint stress. Has eight resistance levels and an LCD screen to track stride and calories burned.

The sedentary lifestyle is not a good lifestyle. If you have a job that keeps you behind a desk for hours at a time, you're not doing your body any favors. Trust me, I know because I'm just like you. And then there's all sorts of reasons why you can't go to the gym, right? Life is just too busy for that. You've got a family, you've got to get dinner on the table, you've got chores to do. Do yourself a favor and put the Cubii JR1 under your desk so at least you can keep yourself moving. Its compact design lets it slide in easily under tables and desks and ensures a low range of motion so you aren't banging your knees while you move. Plus, it's super quiet so you can keep using it even in a busy office without disturbing your coworkers.

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With eight different levels of resistance, you can build up strength and get the most out of your exericse over time. Just want to keep your legs moving while you read a book? Lower the strain. Trying to warm up before you go for a heavy workout during lunch? Pump it up and get your sweat on. There's also an LCD screen that helps you track your stride, your calories burned, your distance traveled, and more. The RPM display helps you see how fast you're moving, and you can also see how long you've been going.

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