The Razer BlackWidow Essential mechanical gaming keyboard is down to $54.99 through Best Buy's official eBay store and the main site. This keyboard sells for $63 on Amazon and as high as $100 at some retailers.

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Razer BlackWidow Essential wired LED gaming keyboard

The Essential has mechanical switches for fast actuation and tactile feedback. It's also very durable with a life span of 80 million keystrokes, and every individual key is customizable. Hyper Shift gives each key a second function, too.

$54.99 $63.00 $8 off

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

Some keyboards get rid of the numpad and only have about 87 keys. Some full-size keyboards have around 101 keys or more. This Razer keyboard uses Hyper Shift, which allows you to give every key a second function, providing you with more than 200 possible keys. With macros and shortcuts, the functionality jumps even further. You can do so much with so little using the BlackWidow Essential because every individual key, Hyper shift or not, can be re-programmed to suit your needs.

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Not only that, but it's built with Razer's mechanical switches. These optimize actuation and speed up responsiveness. Plus, the keyboard is engineered to last a long time. Since you have so many more functions, you need a keyboard that has a life span of 80 million keystrokes. Each switch is specifically structured to meet Razer's strict requirements. You'll also get 10 key roll-over so you can push those keys as fast as possible without losing any commands.

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