Here's a deal that you won't want to miss: Dell's official eBay account is selling in "limited quantities" unlocked Venue Pros for AT&T and T-Mobile for a nice $299 (+ sales tax). That's a $200 savings, in case you were wondering.

The Venue Pro features 16GB of internal memory, a 4.1" AMOLED curved screen and the only vertical sliding keyboard. While the device has had its share of problems, related to firmware (WiFi and SD card stability), the latest firmware update reportedly fixes all of these bumping this unique phone from "caution" to "serious consideration". No word if these AT&T devices ship with the latest firmware, so you may have to update in a few weeks to flash it.

We should note: they've already sold 95 at the time of this posting and quantities are limited (in fact, the AT&T version is "not available" on Dell's own site, which is kind of undercutting themselves). So act fast and remember to select AT&T or T-Mobile as those obviously have different bands.

And since Dell wouldn't supply us with one for a review, (bad Dell, bad!) we ordered up ourselves a nice one for AT&T. Awww yeah.

Source: Ebay; Thanks, Treiz, for the heads up!

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