Understanding Microsoft Office and how it all works is very important when looking for a job. Don't get left behind at the interview table because you don't know how to use formulas in Excel or analyze data with ease. With Microsoft offering so many apps under the Office umbrella, it can be hard to learn them all, especially if you don't know where to begin. Luckily, getting started doesn't have to be hard.

For just $29 you can get lifetime access of amazing Microsoft Office information to help you master the suite of apps. From the basic features and functions to data analyzing, you'll have access to it all.

The courses in this bundle include:

  • Microsoft Sharepoint: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Microsoft Powerpoint Course
  • PivotTable Course
  • Effective Outlook Course
  • Microsoft Word: Beginner To Intermate
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel Course
  • Microsoft Excel: Beginner to Intermate

That's quite a lot of information, and for a limited time you can get it for just $29. This is a huge saving from the original $1750 price tag that you would pay on all these courses. Whether you think you are good at Office or know you need to get better, you won't want to miss out on this deal.

Be sure to grab this mastery bundle for 98% off before the deal ends.

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