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Discover who you are with this AncestryDNA genetic testing kit on sale for $69

Ancestrydna (Image credit: DigitalTrends)

Use this year's Black Friday to uncover more facts about yourself. Walmart's second Deals for Days Black Friday event has kicked off, and one of the great deals available is the AncestryDNA genetic ethnicity and traits testing kit (opens in new tab) on sale for $69. That's a huge discount of $50 compared to its regular $119 price. The deal is only available for as long as this sales event lasts.

There are a couple of other kits available, too. If you don't care about how your genes may have impacted the traits you've received (like eye color, freckles, etc) then just go with the Genetic Ethnicity test (opens in new tab), which is down to $59 from $99.

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Do you have questions about your origins? Curious where your ancestors were from? Or maybe since it's the holidays you'd like to do this with the whole family involved! These kits make it pretty easy to find out all that information. All you have to do is use the kit to collect a sample of your saliva that you then mail back to the AncestryDNA lab. You get your results in six to eight weeks, and you can easily look at them online.

The Traits Kit part gives you some insight as to who you are individually. It shows you how your different genes impacted your personal characteristics, including your appearance. The Ethnicity Kit shows you where you came from down to the geographic details. Connect to the places your ancestors were born and even see living relatives you may have never known about.

All of this information, being somewhat on the personal side, is protected with security measures at all levels. YOur data is protected and only you can gain control over it.

John Levite
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