The Edifier G2000 speakers have dropped to just $84 on Amazon

Edifier G
Edifier G (Image credit: Windows Central)

You know what sounds really good? Saving money on a pair of great PC speakers. Grab the Edifier G2000 32W computer speakers down to a low price of $84 when you clip the $15 off on-page coupon. These speakers regularly sell for $99, spike as high as $110, and have only dropped this low once or twice this year at all.

We just reviewed the Edifier G2000 speakers a few months ago. Zackery Cuevas gave them 4.5 stars and a Recommended badge. He said, "the quality was noticeably great and I finally felt like my office space had a worthy set of speakers. Whether you're using it to play your Xbox Series X or Xbox Game Pass on PC, watching Netflix, or keeping up with your Zoom meeting, the Edifier G2000 Speakers are worth the price of admission.

The speakers are 2.75 inches high with a full range and a backward mega bass port. You'll get 32 watts of total peak power and 16W RMS power for great sound quality and strong bass. There's alsoa subwoofer output interface so you could add a subwoofer later for even better chest-thumping bass.

Pick from three different modes while using these speakers. Adjust for games, music, or movies while you're consuming your favorite media. The speakers have Bluetooth, a 3.5mm aux port, and USB sound card input. That means they work with just about any platform, including your gaming consoles, Mac, PC, your TV, your smartphone, and more. The lights include 12 RGB lighting effects that help you elevate the look of your desktop.

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