Fallout 76 gets Fallout 1st membership, paid membership for Private World servers

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What you need to know

  • Bethesda has announced a new membership subscription for Fallout 76 called Fallout 1st.
  • This membership allows you to create a Private World, have infinite storage, get Atoms per month and more.
  • The subscription costs $12.99 USD per month, or $99.99 USD for a year.
  • Fallout 76 is currently $16 on Amazon (opens in new tab).

Bethesda has announced a new way to pay and play in Fallout 76 with a membership called Fallout 1st. This subscription service brings the ability to set up a Private World, a private server where the host and seven other friends can play by themselves. Mod support will not be available in the Private Worlds immediately however, Bethesda says to stay tuned on that front and that it is "...something we're excited to add to private worlds in the future."

Additionally, the membership will bring a Scrapbox, where players can store an infinite amount of crafting materials, so there's no more juggling which bits you'd like to store away. Bethesda is also throwing in 1650 Atoms per month, which can be spent on different microtransactions in the online store. Finally, subscribers get a unique Ranger outfit and some exclusive emotes. If you claim these items, you won't lose them if you decide to cancel your membership.

Fallout 1st is available in a monthly membership for $12.99 USD a month, or for $99.99 USD for a year. The links to purchase a membership aren't live at the moment but Bethesda is saying that it will go online later today.

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  • Go home Bethesda, you're drunk
  • Oh Bethesda!
    They are taking the piss out of all this games as a service bs.
    This is real bad and I hope it fails miserably. It's time gamers stand up against the greed of these AAA publishers.
  • They won't though, people love this crap apparently. Serious gamers like us may not buy this, but there are probably enough people that will Pay to Win to support this. I can't believe they ruined my favorite game universe with this BS.
  • Great to pick up a sub.... Then throw it into the trash where it belongs.
  • I stopped playing specifically because of annoying other players just randomly walking up and shooting me. This costs the same as a Minecraft Realms, so it might be worth it for a year to actually be able to play in peace.
  • Can you stop shilling already, it's making you look pathetic