Flash NoDo on your T-Mobile (US) HD7 right now [Hack]

For those who just can't wait another 2 weeks or so, you can go the guerilla route and just directly flash NoDo (7389) on your T-Mobile HD7 today, if you wanted. The process is actually quite simple: you download two ROM files (the old school "ROM Update Utility") and simple flash one, then flash the other.

The first ROM puts a signed Telstra version on your phone, the second, which is much smaller, NoDo (7389). The difference here is the Telstra ROM has the T-Mobile US radios on board, keeping the important part the same and since NoDo doesn't touch the radio, the second ROM is just an OS upgrade.

All in all, the process takes about 10 minutes. You won't be able to backup anything, so this is a clean install, meaning you'll lose any pics or data not saved elsewhere. The other thing is you'll rock some Telstra branding on the bootscreen and a few OEM apps (that of course can be removed), however once you throw in your T-Mo SIM, you can re-download their OEM apps instead.

So how is it? Well, it's NoDo so it fast as heck and we haven't noticed any downsides (it does make the camera better, less pink; also Bing Voice now speaks the Queens English, no joke). On the other hand, it's probably best to just wait a few weeks for the official version. But, if you want to go ahead, read all the directions here at XDA.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Speculating on the 2 weeks right, or have you heard any other news?
  • According to Microsoft's "Where My Update?" page, T-Mo HD7 NoDo has finished testing and is in "scheduling" phase. So just guessing 2 (or 3) weeks.
  • Boo you got my hopes up. If this wasn't a clean install I'd probably do this but I'll be patient some more.
  • Why should anyone have to do that?? I thought this was supposed to be different from WM??People, don't get me wrong, the W7 revamp is great as far as UI & improved feature set. Especially for the targeted market.However, I have long spoke about (along w/ many others) the fact that a major failing point of the platform has been the update process. The WM update process has NEVER been anywhere as smooth as it has for PCs.This was supposedly taken care of in W7. Were PROMISED that it would be different. It is turning out to be a de facto duplicate scenario of the WM platform. That IS a problem, and will CONTINUE to be a problem until MS decides to take FULL ownership of delivering updates to the end users.Joe's admitted perspective on this issue is a testament to why we are STILL having issues w/ users getting updates in a timely fashion. "Second, I referred to our updates as “complete” because I was thinking of the internal process where we pass completed software to another group who delivers them – but of course no update is complete until you all have it." Of course that is what "complete" means to the consumer, either they all have it, or all have access to it. That perfectly illustrates the consistent disconnect that MS W7 team has w/ end users regarding updates, & features.MS, you need to keep a consumer-centric perspective to keep consumers, more often than not, happy. Sorry, but those facts aren't going to change just because bloggers & self-interested comment hitmen are defending you.Good luck!
  • Lets cut MS a little slack. This a brand new OS and the first "real" update. There's bound to be a few hiccups in the beginning, which this is.
  • You missed the point.Is this the 1st "real" update for a brand new platform? YesIs it realistic that there are hiccups in the beginning? YesHas MS WM/WP team been dishonest, and non-transparent in the past? YesAre they still practicing the same behavior? YesThe latter is where the issue lies. (Pun intended)
  • Microsoft had behaviors embedded in them for the longest, these behaviors take time to change. One thing we never saw in the WinMo days were posts like Joe Belfiore's the other day, and I'm learning to appreciate their effort to improve their approach and actions. I do think with time they will nail this... As much as people want to deny it, this IS new territory for them... This whole consumer oriented, front of camera marketing in this 'pretty smartphone' industry. WinMo was never intended to be an iPhone competitor, WP7 is... One thing they don't get enough credit for is their attempts, one thing Google has never tried.
  • Sorry, MS has been given the benefit of the doubt, time and time again. It's time to shape up, or ship out.You know darn well, as anyone else does, that there is simply no reason to PROMISE something that you have NOT spent the time, or effort on delivering. MS has a habbit of starting something new that is disconnected from existing platforms, then backing off of what they started, seeing if that worked, then moving to something else.What evidence is there that WP7 customers will not wind up in the same boat as WM customers did? I can tell you this much, that trend causes them to lose MORE that just consumer business. If they don't wise up soon, they will definitely reach the point of no return.IMO the ONLY thing that will get them out of this mess, is to dedicate the resources necessary to GET THOSE UPDATES OUT OF THE DOOR & in the hands of end users YESTERDAY! OEMs are ONLY their customers as long as the END USER is choosing to go w/ an MS mobile platform, and that will not significantly change JUST by having many apps, many devices & massive marketing.
  • I really don't see what they've promised and haven't spent time on. They promised us an update in the first quarter, and we're here, and it's out. Granted, it hasn't been shipped, but a lot of you see the iPhone and think that every OS can do what they did. Android has failed at it, but needed to take that approach to explode. Microsoft has tried taking a middle ground, but honest, WP7 isn't the biggest competitor right now, and I don't blame the carriers for not hurrying along here. Do I think it'll change? Yes, I do... But Microsoft has to be careful here, because honestly, the only people that can help them in becoming popular are the carriers. Look at Google, it took Verizon pushing them HARD for them to become what they are...They can't just say "Forget the carriers," or even OEMs, and come to us, because they don't provide the service, or coverage, or hardware. I would have an issue if the NoDo wasn't being phased out, but it is, so it shows me effort. You guys think just because Microsoft is a juggernaut that they have full control over everything, it doesn't work like that...
  • What you, and evidently the WP7 team keep forgetting is that the END USER is the ONE who supports both the OEMS AND CARRIERS. Without the customers MS, OEMs and CARRIERS are NOTHING.Your's & MS's attitude is that there will always be customers so long as you are making something. News Flash, pay attention to what happened w/ Kin for recent lesson on that perspective. If you continue to dissapoint the end user you will continue to lose customer base.The bottom line, and I can't for the life of me, understand why you or ANYONE at MS would argue the point, is that the updates need to be pushed out timely and as promised to consumers.There should be NO reason to wait for new devices to come out w/ updates in them already before releasing updates to the consumers who already have previous devices.There should be NO reason that MS does not have enough staff, personnel & resources to ensure that the deliveries are done timely.Once again, customers are spending their hard earned money and they deserve better than being mislead about the difference that they will experience from the WM platform to the WP7 platform.I categorically reject ANY claim that you have given thus far as justification for why it is OK that customers are facing the current update fiasco.It is NOT ok, so just stop already. When I hear "Holy **** all the updates are pushed out already!" that's when I will be satisfied. Not a moment sooner!
  • "It is turning out to be a de facto duplicate scenario of the WM platform."It's a bit worse than WinMo. At least with WinMo we pretty much had full control over the OS.
  • Yeah, maybe we had full control over our WM devices, but how many times did we ever get any OS updates or patches? I received a whopping two in the eight years I used my iPAQ. HP finally got around to releasing a minor bug-fix patch long after the complaints started rolling in. My carrier was forced to stop selling my model, because HP couldn't get their act together on other desperately needed bug fixes to the crapware they integrated into the OS. With no more sales as a result of their own incompetence, HP killed the model and a promised bug-fixing second update.When Daylight Saving time changed before the last time it changed, it was MS who provided the fix, and they did so almost immediately. Granted that was a simple fix, but distribution of that fix was supposed to be handled by my carrier and HP. Since neither of them supported the device anymore it was MS who picked up the ball.It's went manufacturers and carriers get cute with all their supposed upgrades to the OS that everything starts going south fast.So WP7 "is turning out to be a de facto duplicate scenario of the WM platform"? Not by a long shot from what I've seen so far, despite the delays.
  • Good grief, do any of you even own the HD7 and have done this hack? Why'd this turn into another pointless "debate" about Microsoft. Gah.
  • Lol, only reason I won't do it is because I actually enjoy my T-MoUSA branding... I don't have problems with doing clean installs... But if my phone says T-Mobile on the outside, it needs to say it on the splash screen, I know, anal, lol... I might be forced to try it if the T-MoUSA update doesn't go scheduled as we all anticipate...
  • The "another two-weeks or so" link sucked us in...
  • I had the telsa update on my phone and just flashed back to US tmo rom in anticipation of the update which tmonews.com says is starting tomorrow. http://www.tmonews.com/2011/03/t-mobile-htc-hd7-owners-to-start-receivin...