Diablo Immortal PC beta: All known bugs, launch issues, and workarounds

Diablo Immortal's Wizard class.
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After a long four-year wait, Diablo Immortal has finally arrived on mobile, and the game is now also available in open beta on PC as well. However, following the launch of the game on PC, several bugs and issues have been reported that are negatively affecting the experience for many players. The developers at Blizzard are working hard to fix these problems as quickly as they can, but until the studio deploys patches, these issues will continue to have an impact on the game's overall stability and polish. 

If you're planning on jumping into the new PC game and want an idea of what kinds of problems you can expect to deal with, we've prepared a list of all of Diablo Immortal's known bugs and launch issues for you. We'll update it over time if players report additional problems, and we'll also include any details we find about effective workaround solutions as well. 

All Diablo Immortal PC beta bugs and issues

Diablo Immortal Art Battle

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While there aren't too many severe bugs affecting the overall Diablo Immortal experience on PC, some of the issues are nevertheless very annoying. While it's unlikely that they'll have a serious impact on your performance in PvE gameplay, Diablo Immortal's UI and control glitches could result in some serious frustrations while playing intense PvP. Here's what you need to look out for:


  • Pressing the ESC key may open the main menu on top of other menus.
  • Key binds do not currently support modifier keys such as ALT, CTRL, and SHIFT.


  • General movement, interactions, and abilities may be inaccurate at times.
  • Print Screen does not currently save screenshots into the directory folder.
  • Workaround: You can use the Snipping Tool to capture a screenshot while in Windowed Mode. 

User Interface

  • Chat is currently missing features and options such as /commands, copy/paste, and select all text.
  • Windowed mode does not currently support resizing.
  • PC settings have been inserted into their respective sections within the menu and may require a bit of exploration to find.


  • Voice-to-text transcription services may not be working for certain languages.

Diablo Immortal has officially launched on mobile and PC, offering fans a free-to-play way to engage with Blizzard's iconic dungeon crawler franchise. The game is currently in open beta on PC, though cross-play and cross-progression are fully functional and the developers have confirmed progress made during the beta will carry over to the full game.


Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal brings the demon-infested, loot-filled world of Diablo to the palm of your hands with the mobile version. Alternatively, you can also take the fight to Hell's forces in the PC version, which is currently in open beta.

Download from: Free at Google | Free at App Store | Free at Battle.net

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