Grab the perfect Cloud Gaming controller with a $26 saving and play Xbox blockbusters anywhere

Turtle Beach is one of gaming's forerunning manufacturers of high-quality third-party accessories designed to take your gaming experience to the next level at affordable prices. One shining example of their products is the Turtle Beach Atom mobile gaming controller, which is currently on Amazon at a 30% discount, reducing its MSRP from $79.99 to $55.58

Turtle Beach Atom |was $79.99now $55.58 at Amazon

Turtle Beach Atom | was $79.99 now $55.58 at Amazon

Take gaming with you on the go with the Turtle Beach Atom. This Bluetooth controller with an ergonomic two-piece magnetic clip system can be used to play mobile games on your smartphone or Cloud-based titles through Xbox Cloud Gaming or GeForce Now.

Perfect for: Gamers looking for a controller suited for mobile games on your phone and Xbox Cloud Gaming while being easy to store for long-distance travel.

Avoid it if: You want to play while charging your device at the same time and if you're put off by the potential input lag from its Bluetooth features.

💰Price check: $79.99 at Best Buy

Why should you buy the Turtle Beach Atom?

The Turtle Beach Atom is a great mobile gaming controller that's affordable to buy and comfortable to use while sporting a stylish design. (Image credit: Jennifer Young | Windows Central)

Our own Jennifer Young reviewed the Turtle Beach Atom in 2023 and praised it for being a uniquely designed controller that's functional and incredibly comfortable to use. This controller by Turtle Beach features a bulky yet stylish design that can accommodate players with large hands and provide comfort while gaming for many hours at a time. 

The Turtle Beach Atom also includes a two-piece magnetic clip system that can combine the two halves of the controller into a small compact shape so it can be easily stored while traveling. In addition, the controller can be attached to a smartphone without removing its protective case and has a 20-hour battery life so it be used for a long time.

That being said, there are a couple of drawbacks to the Turtle Beach Atom. For starters, the triggers are somewhat spongy, which can cause the game to misregister their inputs on occasion and make games like first-person shooters harder to play. In addition, this controller can only be charged while in its compact travel mode, so you can't charge it while playing games at the same time. Also, the Bluetooth latency may cause some input lag while playing certain games.

However, these are minor blemishes on an otherwise fantastic mobile gaming controller that can be yours right now for a more affordable price over at Amazon. Amazon is currently selling the Turtle Beach Atom for $55.88, reducing its MSRP of $79.99 down by 30% for a short limited time.

So, if you want to get your hands on one of the best Xbox Cloud Gaming controllers to play the best Xbox games on the go, get this exclusive deal before the controller sells out.

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