Alan Wake 2 guide: How to get the shotgun

Alan Wake 2 how to get the shotgun guide
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Alan Wake 2 is finally here, after thirteen years of waiting. 

Alan Wake 2 is arguably Remedy's best game yet, and takes the thriller series deeper into horror territory on PC and Xbox Series X|S. Joined by FBI agent Saga, the mystery deepens in Bright Falls, after a new spate of grisly murders reignites the darkness and spawns a new infestation of Taken, ready to terrorize the locals. In our full Alan Wake 2 review, we describe how Remedy blends cutting-edge tech with confident storytelling to weave what might be one of this year's best Xbox games and best PC games

To take on the, ahem, Taken, you're going to need an arsenal of beefy weaponry. Thankfully, Bright Falls is full of great munitions and arms up to the task. In Alan Wake 2's second chapter, you'll be able to grab a sawn-off shotgun if you solve a little puzzle. If you're pressed for time, here's how to get it done quickly and easily. 

How to get the padlock code and unlock the shotgun cabinet in Alan Wake 2

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Getting the shotgun in Alan Wake 2 is relatively straight forward and difficult to miss, but if you're pressed for time, here's our handy guide to grabbing the double-barrel sawn off shotgun in Alan Wake 2's second chapter. 

Heading back to the General Store. (Image credit: Windows Central)

1. To actually get the shotgun, you need to be in the game's chapter two segment, after the morgue sequence in chapter one. Saga returns to Cauldron Lake for the second time, giving you free reign to explore. 

2. You'll want to progress the story to the point where you're asked to head to the abandoned General Store. You may need to use Saga's mind map to uncover the clues that lead you back there to hunt for a key item. 

3. Upon entering and exploring a bit, you'll finally be able to access the back room that was locked in the first chapter. Here, you'll find the shotgun locked in a case on the wall, as depicted below. 

Keep your eye on the prize. (Image credit: Windows Central)

4. The shotgun cabinet is locked with a hefty padlock with a triple digit code tumbler. On the cabinet is a note, asking you to visit "Lady Fortuna" at the counter for the code. Lady Fortuna is, in fact, the cash register. 

You'll need to parse the code for this lock. (Image credit: Windows Central)

5. Head back to the cash register in the other room, at the counter. Here, you'll find a bunch of notes, files, and text, giving you clues as to the padlock code. 

6. As far as I can tell, the Rolodex is a red herring. What we're interested in is the lottery ticket and the numbers written down on the pad. 

It may be the same for all players, but if not... these are the pieces you'll use to solve the puzzle. (Image credit: Windows Central)

7. It's unclear if the numbers are randomized for each player, but if not, the staff are generating new codes using the "7" in the middle of the lottery ticket, then affixing the two numbers from each double number sequence on the lottery ticket. The staff already used and crossed out "7+05," "7+13," 7+17", and "7+23," so, the next option in the sequence is "7+39." This means the cabinet code is "739." 

Once you've got your code, nothing stands in between you and your new shotgun. (Image credit: Windows Central)

8. Finally, head back to the back room, enter code 739 into the tumbler, and bam, enjoy your shiny new sawn-off shotgun. 

Alan Wake 2 is immense

Alan Wake 2 is an incredible achievement, marrying cutting-edge visual tech, incredible storytelling, and tight gameplay with those uniquely Remedy quirks. If you're reading this guide, you're most likely already in deep with the game, so be sure to drop in the comments and let us know how you're getting on! 

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