I almost EXPLODED when I saw this Minecraft Creeper Mini Fridge deal — it's so cheap right now!

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in recent years, which isn't surprising at all given its open-world sandbox freedom. Right now thanks to a fantastic Cyber Monday deal, one of the best pieces of Minecraft merchandise is seriously discounted to a ridiculously low price. I'm of course talking about the Minecraft Creeper Mini Fridge, which usually sells for $168 but is currently on sale for just $45! That's $123 off.

Minecraft Creeper Mini Fridge$168.00now $45.00 at Walmart

Minecraft Creeper Mini Fridge: was $168.00 now $45.00 at Walmart

This fantastically built mini fridge measures over two feet in height and has enough space in its two separate compartments to keep up to 12 soda cans cold with its thermoelectric technology. It makes for the perfect decoration as well as being useful since it features ambient green lighting that makes the area around the feet glow. Add it to your gaming den or kid's room for the perfect Minecraft accent. 

✅Perfect for: Minecraft fans who want a decoration that doubles as a useful appliance.

❌Avoid it if: You're more interested in the Xbox Mini Fridge.

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Xbox Series X Mini Fridge: was $88.00 now $39.97 at Walmart

Of course, Walmart is also the place to purchase the very popular Xbox Series X Mini Fridge. This official appliance was created after many people pointed out that the current-gen console looked a lot like a fridge. Microsoft then ran with the joke and made one of the best gaming den additions ever. It costs less than the Minecraft Creeper Mini Fridge, but it also can't hold as much inside of it. In total, it can hold up to eight soda cans. But it is at a fantastic price right now. 

✅Perfect for: Xbox fans who love the Xbox Series X.

❌Avoid it if: You need something bigger to meet your needs. 

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Explosive savings on the Minecraft Creeper Mini Fridge

The Minecraft Creeper Mini Fridge is over two feet tall, has ambient lighting, and can hold up to 12 soda cans.  (Image credit: Windows Central)

It isn't hard to find fun Minecraft merchandise, but finding something that's as useful as it is cool (see what I did there) is a little harder. That's why this 8L mini fridge in the shape of one of Minecraft's most iconic (and explosive) creatures is so awesome. It's perfect for storing snacks and drinks in either your gaming den or kid's room but also serves as the perfect gaming decoration since it glows from the bottom with green lighting. Thanks to the ample internal space, it can hold up to 12 soda cans. 

There are actually two separate compartments inside this mini fridge with the head and the body acting as two separate doors. Additionally, there are two removable shelves that go in the body area, so you can put larger items inside if you want to. Something else I was surprised to find is that there is actually lighting inside as well as outside. That way, you can more easily see the chilled contents bathed in green lighting whenever you open one of the doors. 

Of course, the Minecraft Mini Fridge isn't the only popular gaming-themed appliance out there. There's also the smaller Xbox Series X Mini Fridge, which is also decently discounted right now as part of Cyber Monday deals. 

You might recall that Microsoft produced this little appliance in reference to the jokes that went online shortly after the Xbox Series X was revealed. Basically, people were saying that the design of the latest console looked a lot like a fridge and people were even Photoshopping the Series X into kitchens. Now, the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge does cost less than the Minecraft Creeper Mini Fridge, but it's also got a smaller 4.5L capacity and can only hold up to eight soda cans. That's likely plenty big enough for most use cases but it's still something to be aware of. 

At any rate, it looks fantastic and is also a useful appliance that can double as the perfect decoration for your gaming room. If nothing else, these low prices make both Mini Fridges ideal gifts to give this holiday season. 

Rebecca Spear
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