One of the most underrated games in recent years is super cheap right now for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

During Amazon's Big Deal Days event earlier this week, tons of games were on sale at a super cheap price for both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. The official deal days might be over, but there are still some awesome discounts going on right now. As such, a game that I really love but was seriously underappreciated at launch is currently on sale for less than $9. What game you ask? Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Since it's selling at such a low price right now, you can pick it up and experience the fun for yourself.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: was $29.99 now $8.50 at Amazon

Immortals Fenyx Rising: was $29.99 now $8.50 at Amazon

The ancient gods are in trouble and it's up to a demigod to explore a vibrant land, solve puzzles, and defeat titanic monsters in order to put things back the way they were before. In many ways, this game plays like a more playful Assassin's Creed game since it was created by Ubisoft. Enjoy this deal on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Great for: People who love to explore vibrant fantasy worlds

💰Price check$29.99 at Best Buy 

I'm honestly a little baffled that Immortals Fenyx Rising didn't sell super well at its launch given how fun of a game it is. We even said it could be a Game of the Year contender in our Immortals Fenyx Rising review. The game takes roughly 25.5 hours to beat and features a fast-talking hero who pokes fun at the plot the whole way for a fun tongue-in-cheek effect.

Since it was produced by Ubisoft, it has a relatively similar feel to the Assassin's Creed series, but it's far more playful and less serious in nature. You play as Fenyx, a winged demigod who must travel the mythical world in order to save the Greek gods from the evil Typhon, a powerful Titan. While doing so, you'll need to dive into dungeons, solve puzzles, defeat massive mythological monsters, and explore a colorful world. Along the way, you'll also meet key characters from the ancient tales and can see just how petty and ridiculous the old gods are.

Gameplay-wise, players can travel just about wherever they want to, scaling large buildings and statues and then gliding off with the use of wings. It makes exploring the map a lot of fun. Combat can also be rather challenging as you face off against gods and monsters alike. You'll have to move fast and take advantage of your melee and distance weapons to defeat your foes effectively. It's a fun game for people of all ages and one that I absolutely enjoy playing.


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