Palworld: Do Pals evolve like Pokémon evolution?

Palworld Pals Cattiva, Lamball, and Chikiti
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Unless you've been away from the internet for a while, you know that Palworld is the extremely popular creature-collecting game on Xbox and PC that everyone has been playing recently. It's so engaging that it's broken 4 million copies sold in its first weekend with a peak of over 1 million concurrent players on Steam. Considering that it's still extremely new, we're likely to see these numbers continue to rise as time goes on. 

There's no doubt that Palworld is inspired by Pokémon, but do Pocketpair's cute animal Pals evolve like Game Freak's pocket monsters?

Do Pals evolve in Palworld?

To put it simply, no. Pals do not evolve in Palworld. It's obvious that Palworld takes after Pokémon so not having evolution is a significant departure from what the Pokémon series is known for. However, Palworld does have a feature that people have long wanted in Pokémon. Certain combos of Pals can be put into the breeding farm to create new species known as Fusion Pals. 

Now, despite evolution not being a part of Palworld, there is a way to alter your Pals so they become stronger. What I'm referring to is Pal Breeding Combos.

Basically, once you reach level 19, you can unlock the Breeding Farm from the Technology tab. Once you've built the Breeding Farm, you put two Pals in and they can produce an egg. Depending on what Pals you breed, you might get some very interesting new creations known as Fusion Pals. 

There are currently 24 known Fusion Pal combos that can be created using the Palworld Breeding Farm, but more might be discovered over time since the game is still very new and still in early access. Some of these combo creatures look really cool and can be more powerful than the wild Pals you can come across on the map. 

We're currently working on a Palworld Breeding guide and will get it live as soon as possible. So check back with us later. Additionally, make sure to take a look at our other Palworld guides with tips and tricks for finding materials, catching Pals, getting multiplayer to work, and more. 

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