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Best family-friendly PC games

Let's be honest. While there are thousands (if not millions) of games out there, many of them aren't the sort of thing you want kids playing. Thankfully, there are several titles that offer family-friendly experiences, many of which stimulate creativity and critical thinking. Aside from that, they're just fun to play. Here are the best family-friendly PC games.


Minecraft exploded in popularity several years ago and has still managed to go strong since then. In fact, it is by far the most downloaded game ever with over 176 million copies sold. 

What makes it so popular is that characters can really do anything they want. You can work on a farm, build a massive city, go exploring, create a defensive castle, craft items and weapons, and much more. There's even a big boss awaiting anyone who likes working toward the endgame. Get lost in your little world and play with friends online too. 

Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC | $30 at Microsoft

Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition for PC | $30 at Microsoft

Do whatever you'd like to do in this sandbox game. Will you seek out rare animals and build a zoo? Build a fortress to protect you from Creepers? Go mining and craft the best weapons and armor possible? You can do anything.

New Super Lucky's Tale

Oftentimes, platformers are very difficult and are meant to offer a major challenge for gamers. However, New Super Lucky's Tale is a far more casual and silly take on this genre for a fun adventure that people of all ages can enjoy. 

Players take on the role of the titular Lucky, a fox who must thwart the goals of an evil group of cats known as the Kitty Litter. To do that, he must collect items in various levels, solve puzzles, and unlock new levels. The visuals are pleasant and the tasks put forward aren't too strenuous. 

New Super Lucky's Tale | $30 at Steam

New Super Lucky's Tale | $30 at Steam

Lucky must stop the members of an evil group of cats knowns as the Kitty Litter by running through various levels, solving puzzles, and collecting special items. It's a laid-back adventure for people of all ages. 


Roblox has been around since 2006 and has continued to be a popular place for kids to play. The blocky, almost LEGO-like design of the characters is iconic at this point and it's free to play, but does offer optional microtransactions. 

What pulls people to the game is the freedom it provides. Players can create their own games or play other people's games. Since people are constantly adding more options, there are unlimited possibilities and a never-ending database of games to access. 

Roblox | Free to play at Roblox

Roblox | Free to play at Roblox

Go online and see what other people have created in the world of Roblox. Or if you love to create, take time and make your own games for other players to experience. 

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Long before Skylanders, Spyro the dragon was the main character in a platformer series that took place in a fantasy world. Our little fire-breathing hero was tasked with saving his fellow dragons from the evil dragon-hating Ripto. Now, the first three classic games have been completely remade and bundled together in the Spryo Reignited Trilogy

Run through various levels collecting gems, eating sheep, and defeating enemies. Spyro's ability to glide makes for large exploration spaces and unique flying challenges on his way to save all of the dragons who have been captured or turned to crystal. 

Spyro Reignited Trilogy | $40 at Steam

Spyro Reignited Trilogy | $40 at Steam

The evil Ripto hates dragons and poses a threat to Spyro. So it's up to the purple dragon and his dragonfly friend, Sparx, to save the day. This requires running through various levels, collecting items, and defeating enemies.

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