ROG Ally X preorders: Where to buy this improved gaming handheld

Starfield on ASUS ROG Ally X.
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We finally know the exact specs that the ROG Ally X offers. It's going to have twice the battery capacity of the original ROG Ally along with an improved 24GB RAM and up to 1TB SSD. Thankfully, it seems that the device is already available for preorder, so you can snag one of these sweet new gaming handhelds for yourself. 

Here's where to get your ROG Ally X preorder along with additional info you might want to know. 

Where to get your ROG Ally X preorder

ASUS ROG Ally X — $799.99 at Best Buy

ASUS ROG Ally X — $799.99 at Best Buy

With its sleek black casing and several improvements, the ROG Ally X upgrades the original gaming handheld experience to the next level. Best Buy is a great place to purchase it from since the company offers returns and has helpful customer service.

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ASUS ROG Ally X — $799.99 at ASUS

ASUS ROG Ally X — $799.99 at ASUS

You can also purchase the ROG Ally X directly from ASUS ROG itself. Gaming on this device should be nicer thanks to improvements to battery capacity, RAM, and a larger SSD.

Additional ROG Ally X information

The ROG Ally X features the same AMD Z1 Extreme processor as the original ROG Ally. So you can expect it to still play the same games via Windows 11. The ROG Ally X will help you play your favorite games whether you're accessing Game Pass, opening Steam, diving into Epic Games Store, or using one of the many other gaming services out there. 

But having a larger capacity battery should help to significantly increase battery life. Meanwhile, increased RAM and SSD will provide more storage space for your game files while helping the system run smoothly. Plus, there are all of those other small updates to the casing and controls that should make the gaming experience better. 

If you're wanting to upgrade your ROG Ally to the new ROG Ally X or want to purchase it as your first PC gaming handheld then make sure to snag your own ROG Ally X preorder while they're available. 

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