The best Starfield Xbox mods so far: Performance, gameplay, cheats, and more

Screenshot of Starfield mods
Guess the anime. (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

Starfield is Bethesda's latest and greatest role-playing game. Set in the distant future, Earth has ceased to welcome life, and humans have expanded beyond the reaches of our star system. Explore the galaxy as you search to unravel the truth behind the ultimate question. Are we alone? Our own blood here at Windows Central loved it, and millions of players have not had the chance to play, too!

Since launching in September, Starfield has seen a few significant updates. Notably, the 60 FPS patch that came earlier this year and, most recently, the addition of Creation Kit. Through it, modders have been able to unlock their full potential to aid gamers in their search for answers. Or, at least, the search for cute anime outfits.

Presented here is a curated list of mods available through the Creation Club on Xbox. This is not a succinct list for PC, nor will I be including any mods that require payment. Instead, all of the mods in this list are free for users to download and try. From here and into the future, we'll continue to update and expand this list as necessary.

Top Recommendations

To install these mods, all someone needs to do is download them via the Creation Club. There, mods will automatically enable. When modding, it's important to keep track of what you're downloading. To do this, you can regularly open the load order and check to see what's enabled and disabled.

You'll want to keep everything somewhat neat and tidy. I know that gets more difficult as you download more mods, but I'm being serious. As someone who'd been modding for over a decade, it's extremely necessary. Otherwise, you'll download twenty mods after installing forty before, only to find out one of the new mods caused an issue, and now you can't remember which of them are the new mods so now you have to check all sixty.

Here are some tips to keep things sorted:

  • When downloading mods that conflict over one another, make sure to change the load order. 
  • Almost all mods disable achievements. The only mods that don't disable achievements are published by Bethesda, and say "Achievement Friendly".
  • Mods will break your game at some point. So get ready to troubleshoot which mod is causing the issue after you've added your thirteenth Star Wars skin.

Starfield: Outfits and reskins

Freestar Rebels

First up is a personal soft spot of mine. As you can imagine, both Creation Club and this list will contain plenty of mods related to Star Wars. This mod makes Akila City the home base for Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion. Every standard government employee has their outfit changed to match that of robust and rebellious folk.

Dead Space Security Suit

I never said Star Wars was the only space IP that would end up on this list! Welcome, Isaac Clarke, leader of the terrifyingly scary department! Wear his iconic outfit as you patrol the galaxy in an effort to quell the Xeno warfare crisis. I just wish it worked alongside the health bar!

The Book of Boba Fett Armor

Don't mess with the Fett! (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

Become the ultimate bounty hunter in the galaxy. Become the Boba! Don this legendary suit of armor in the pursuit of intergalactic criminals that look to lay siege to the Galactic Empire, or in this case, the United Colonies. It also doubles as a decent armor set! Players can obtain this at the low, low price of 1 credit at their local crafting bench.

The Mandalorian

This is the way. This is the way to play Starfield. With the Mandalorian armor, you'll never die; if you do, delete the mod because you're not worthy of this armor set! It's one of the best-looking creations I've seen. I hope we get plenty of other great skins done. I'd even love to see a Yoda skin or Darth Vader!

Star Wars Alien & Star Wars Alien Player

Looking to play as your favorite Jedi from Clone Wars? (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

The player mod adds alien character presets, new hairs, tattoos, and skin tones. To use this mod, it's recommended you start a new game. To use it, players need to install Star Wars Alien mod. Both, when used in tandem, will bring you right back to Tatooine.

Starfield: Gameplay Mods

Improved Follower Behavior

If you're like me, you enjoy bringing followers along in your adventures. Unfortunately, their actual "following" behavior leaves something to be desired. This mod aims to fix that through a series of changes, such as staying closer to the player, only attacking when the player is in danger and thus not breaking stealth, sitting down next to you, and so much more!

No Angry Companions

Who says heroes can’t slip up now and then? This mod ensures your companions and crew members are supportive during those unintended moments of murdering civilians. After all, what are friends for if not for unwavering support? You know exactly why I picked an image of Sarah to showcase this mod.

Ascension Overhaul

From the mod author's page, "In Ascension, Starfield's gameplay has been completely revamped, changing many aspects such as weapons, armor, enemy scaling, leveling, and perks. The aim is to create a consistent, challenging, and fair game world. The major change is the removal of all level scaling from the game. Regardless of the player's level, the world remains the same. Weapons deal consistent damage from the start to the end of the game, armor always plays a significant role, and enemies don't become stronger just because the player has leveled up. The player character no longer becomes more powerful as they level up, but instead becomes more skilled. This ensures that combat remains engaging from the beginning to the end of the game, regardless of the length of playtime or the number of new game-plus cycles you go through."

Fast Start New Game

When I started looking for mods, I knew I wanted to find a modern version of the popular Alternate Start mod from Skyrim. While this isn't quite as good, it serves its purpose of getting to skip the same introduction sequence for over an hour. You have three things to pick. Did you join Constellation? Where do you want to start, and what's your starting gear?

Denser Vegetation & Denser Animal and Scannable Flora

I'm a sucker for rich foliage in my Bethesda games. Skyrim turned into an entire map of gardens, and Fallout 4 resembled something closer to before the bombs dropped. The more lush the environment, the better. I love my eye candy to come in the form of mushrooms, flowers, and the color green. Denser foliage mixed with more animals? Sign me up.

Starfield: Weapons, items, and ships

Still waiting for a 60 FPS mod for the ship's HUD on console. (Image credit: u/Punidue on Reddit)

Avontech Shipyards

I wanted something that reminded me of pure sci-fi when it came to space travel. That's when I came across Avontech; it looked closer to Andromeda than anything Starfield. I loved it; how cool is that circular generator? Now, I just need to unlock all of the parts!

Immersive Sabers vs All Trilogies Lightsabers

Choosing between these two comes down to how you want this mod approached. One offers lightsabers with some additional skill tree modifications, while the other uses the standard skill tree without modifications. Personally, I prefer the latter. To each their own, but I think I'm right, and you're wrong no matter what you say!

Legendary Module Recycler

Another easy to use machine. (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

Now you can do something with those spare legendary weapons. This allows you to remove legendary modules from existing items, or find them around the verse, and place them on others. Make the gun of your dreams without having to farm randomly for it!

Ammunition Crafting Rebalanced

Ammo made easy. (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

This makes ammo crafting a little more tolerable when compared to the base game. From the mod's description, "Roughly doubles the amount of ammo you get per craft for most types; some get a bit more than that. Crafting costs have been increased for all of the recipes - but the overall cost per bullet has significantly decreased. The primer cost has not been changed - each batch of ammo only costs one primer, no matter what."

Starfield: Miscellaneous mods

Expanded Outpost Containers

10 times the amount! (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

Let's face it, outpost storage needs a significant upgrade. This mod does just that, and then some. Expanded Storage increases the base output of all outpost containers by a whopping 10 times! It's a significant increase that you'll never play without after using it once.

Cheats - Infinite Carry Weight, God Mode, and more!

Cheats and cheats. (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

There are plenty of cheats I could cover, but these aren't everyone's cup of tea. While mods can be considered cheating to begin with, which is why achievements for all authors not named Bethesda have had achievements removed, cheats are cheating. Giving yourself unlimited experience or credits will ultimately break the game in a fashion a single armor never would. Use at your own risk! The one I appreciated, though, was Infinite Carry Weight.

Shade's Skill Points for Credits or Essence

Is Shade a shady guy or is Shade a color shade? (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

In between levels, but have a hankering to level up your ballistics? Go buy it! Seriously, this mod offers a fair yet balanced way for players to attain extra skill points. Similar to trainers in Skyrim, or other Bethesda games, go ahead and buy your training ala carte!

200 Ship Crew Slots

Your personal Death Star awaits. (Image credit: Future via Michael Hoglund)

For people paying close attention, you probably saw this one in the "cheats" screenshot. For me, this isn't about cheating and creating an unfair advantage over the game. To me, this is about making a battle station. This is one I'm using for a more immersive run, and while I don't have the credits yet, I can't wait to create a 100-person starship where enemies go, "That's no moon. It's a space station."

Starfield: Performance mods

There's a whole host of mods for this (Image credit: Fuzion Xbox Testing)

For performance mods, I'm going to make a list and detail exactly what each does and what console you should use them on.

  • Uncap FPS for Series S - This one speaks for itself. With this mod, users can reach beyond 30 FPS. You'll need more of the mods listed below if you want anything close to a solid 60.
  • Inquisitor Project FPS Plus -  I recommend this mod for both Series consoles. It removes a lot of clutter found in the main cities. As a result, it substantially increases FPS.
  • Performance Shadows - A nice performance booster. There's a version for both Series X and Series S consoles. Personally, I recommend using the S version for both.
  • Performance Tweaks - This is a culmination of various global settings. Again, there's a version for both Series X and S. I recommend using the one suited for that console, as the degradation of the image if you use the Series S settings on Xbox Series X is hard on the eyes!
  • Remove Grass - I only recommend using this on Series S. While it can provide a nice uptick on both consoles, it makes the landscape really ugly.
  • Crowd Reducer - Another good one to throw in with Inquisitor. It's really up to you. Personally, I preferred the crowd density at its normal setting, so I left this one off.
  • No God Rays - What's a video game with no God rays nowadays? I'll answer that, a functioning game! However, it's also way prettier with them, so this one comes down to the user.

That's it for our mod list! Is there any you felt we missed? Let us know in the comments or on social media. We'll make sure to download and check them out. If they seem awesome, they'll make this list!

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