A new IP from DON'T NOD is coming to Xbox Game Pass

A screenshot from the reveal of DONTNODs new action adventure, Jusant
(Image credit: DONTNOD)

What you need to know

  • DON'T NOD unveiled their newest title, Jusant, at the Xbox Games Showcase.
  • The new action-puzzle climbing game is coming to PC and Xbox Series consoles and day one on Game Pass.
  • There is no set in stone release date, but it will be coming sometime in the Fall 2023.

DON'T NOD, the studio behind the popular narrative game Life is Strange and the Xbox exclusive Tell Me Why, has revealed their newest title coming to this Fall. Jusant is a brand-new IP with meditative vibes that features action-puzzle climbing. 

The announcement was a surprise coming from DON'T NOD, as they have previously revealed a trailer for another title, Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden during the Summer Game Fest and at the 2022 Xbox Games Showcase. While there's limited information about Jusant just yet, we do know that the game is expected to come to Xbox Game Pass day one on Xbox Series X|S consoles.  The game does appear to be a sharp departure from the narrative heavy titles we typically expect from DON'T NOD as it primarily focuses on puzzle solving and the game's climbing mechanics.

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