Xbox Special Edition controllers are cheaper now than ever in flash deals

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If you didn't manage to snap up a spare controller in the recent Black Friday sales, or even if you're trying to complete a collection, then you'll be pleased to know that some of the more eye-catching designs are currently down from $69 to $44, with the Daystrike Camo a juicy $39. Surprisingly these are even cheaper than they were reduced to over the previous sale period.

The Mineral Camo Special Edition is one of our favorite designs on offer. The rich blue hues in a camo pattern really make this stand out against other controllers, and there's even a matching mineral camo charging stand if you are so inclined. Like the other core controllers in the range, this can be used with the current-gen Xbox Series X|S, the previous-gen Xbox One, and One S and easily connected to a Windows PC or mobile for cloud gaming.  

Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller Mineral Camo Special Edition

Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller Mineral Camo Special Edition $69.99 $44 at Amazon

Whether this is the first controller you've bought or the tenth, the Mineral Camo Special Edition model provides a new look that can stand out compared to other controllers, while retaining all the standard features of Xbox Series X|S controllers.

The cheapest offer comes from Walmart with the Daystrike Camo, if you're more team Red than Blue, this controller is for you. 

Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller Daystrike Camo Special Edition

Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller Daystrike Camo Special Edition $69.99 $39 at Walmart

Another of the Xbox Special Edition Camo controllers in a striking red pattern. This was the third camo patterned controller to be released and features three tones of red over a grey and black backdrop.

The Xbox Series X|S Electric Volt was also available at $44 at Amazon with the Mineral Camo, but as it keeps coming in and out of stock, we thought we would link you to Walmart, where it's at the same discount, and stock seems to be more reliable. The Electric Volt definitely won't get lost easily in your gaming room, it's so bright we are surprised it doesn't glow in the dark!

Xbox Series X|S Wireless Core Controller Electric Volt

Xbox Series X|S Wireless Core Controller Electric Volt $69.99 $44 at Walmart

In a color that refuses to blend into the background, the Electric Volt green controller is a sight to behold. The standard Xbox Series X|S controller in this shade has previously come at a premium but is currently on sale for cheaper than the stock black and white. As of writing, it went out of stock at Amazon, but you can still nab this price at Walmart.

The most recent of all the releases is the Lunar Shift controller, the space age-inspired design is said to "change color with light and motion," and the textured grips on the reverse have a pleasing marbelized design. 

Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller Lunar Shift

Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller Lunar Shift $69.99 $44 at Walmart

With Bluetooth connectivity for use with Xbox consoles, Windows 10/11 PCs, Tablets, iOS, and Android devices. A surreal-colored controller that's out of this world.

The Xbox Series S|X controller is a marked upgrade from its predecessor, and the included share button makes it easier to capture your best gaming moments to share with friends. Both controllers come with textured grip on the rear, triggers, and bumpers, making them more comfortable over long gaming sessions. We've recently shared that the Xbox Series S is still on sale and will continue to be so over the holiday period. These controllers make a fantastic accompaniment to what we think is the best holiday gift of 2022.

Speaking of gifts, if you're looking for the perfect present for the gamer in your life, I've got the ultimate gift guide for Xbox gamers here to inspire you.

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