Get an Xbox Series X for JUST $349 with the best deal I've ever seen, but be quick — it WON'T last

Update 12/13/23: The deal is over at both Walmart and Target.

Microsoft's flagship Xbox Series X gaming console has enjoyed plenty of great discounts this holiday season, but nothing tops this one I just found at Target. Right now, you can get the system for just $349 at Walmart, which is a massive $151 off the $500 MSRP and the best markdown I've ever seen. The deal is likely ending soon, though, and stock isn't expected to last long. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, be quick about it.

Xbox Series X |$499.99now $349 at Walmart

Xbox Series X | was $499.99 now $349 at Walmart

You can snag the most powerful gaming console in the world for only $349 right now, but only while this incredible deal is still available today. This is the best discount I've ever seen for the Xbox Series X, and I doubt I'll ever see anything better.

✅Perfect for: Gamers that want to experience their Xbox games with the best possible visuals and performance, as well as in 4K resolution and with up to 120 FPS

❌Avoid if: You don't have a 4K TV or gaming monitor, or if $349 is out of your budget range 

💰Price check: $349.99 at Target (w/ free Circle membership)

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👀Alternative deal: Xbox Series S Starter Bundle ($299 $239 at Amazon)

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The Xbox Series X is worth it. Here's why.

The Xbox Series X in all its glory. (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft's premier offering this console generation, with the smaller Xbox Series S positioned as a budget-friendly, entry-level system. The Series X typically retails for $500, while the Series S is significantly less expensive at $300; however, with this amazing deal, the more powerful console is just $349 — less than $50 away from the Series S' MSRP.

The Series X has the most impressive hardware specs of any gaming console in the world right now, and all that horsepower translates to better visual fidelity and higher framerates than what you'd get with the Series S, along with support for gaming at a native 4K resolution. Put simply, the system delivers the finest Xbox gaming experience possible, especially when it's paired with one of the best 4K TVs for the Xbox Series X.

In his review of the Series X, Windows Central Managing Editor Jez Corden gave it a score of 4.5/5, calling it "console gaming at its most excellent and most refined." As someone who's been using one for several years now, I'm in full agreement — and with Microsoft's first-party studios ramping up game development, there's never been a better time to join the Xbox family.

To be honest, I never thought I'd see a Series X discount this good, and it'll probably be a very long time before we see another one like it. Whether you want to play the best Xbox games on the best Xbox console yourself or you're hoping to give someone the ultimate holiday gamer gift, this is a deal you shouldn't miss while it's still available.

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