Jump into Elden Ring with an Xbox Series S and the hit video game for $320 total

Elden Ring's key art.
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If you haven't grabbed one of the newer generation Xbox consoles yet and you have an interest in torturing yourself with the amazing Elden Ring, then today's deal is going to hit the sweet spot for you. You can get the Xbox Series S console and a digital copy of Elden Ring for just $319.98 at Amazon. The console by itself goes for $300 usually, and that's only when it's in stock at all. The game is currently $60. The bundle basically saves you $40 on what is sure to be a Game of the Year on many lists. 

Xbox Series S + Elden Ring $360 $319.98 at Amazon

Xbox Series S + Elden Ring $360 $319.98 at Amazon

You get the console and the game and you save $40 overall. Not a bad bundle deal considering it was hard enough just to find the console in stock a few months ago.

What can be said that hasn't already been said about Elden Ring? Read our review that calls it FromSoftware's magnum opus. Miles Dompier adds that it's "a masterclass in open-world game design. FromSoftware has poetically fashioned a gorgeously haunting universe that begs to be explored. It's a quintessential action RPG and an obvious contender for game of the year."

Like many of the games in the Dark Souls world, it can be frustrating and difficult. But also like those games, it gives you every tool you need to succeed. If you can make it past that initial burst of frustration, what you find on the other side is extremely rewarding. The game itself is beautiful, and the gameplay is deep and immersive.

And then there's the console. The Xbox Series S is the all-digital console in Xbox's latest generation. That's fine because your new game comes in the form of a digital code. You can also get Xbox Game Pass to access basically every great game on Xbox digitally, including Halo Infinite, Skyrim, and Mass Effect. In between journeys to the Land Between in Elder Ring, you can use the console to stream 4K content and binge your favorite shows on all of your favorite apps. 

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