The cool Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is LESS than $40 right now

Image of the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge.
(Image credit: Windows Central | Richard Devine)

The Xbox Series X is a fantastic gaming console, but the reveal of its design drew comparisons to your classic refrigerator, and thus a new meme was born. Xbox embraced the meme wholeheartedly, and actually made the Xbox Series X fridge a reality. Now, for a limited time, you can add the hilarious (and perfectly functional) Xbox Series X Mini Fridge to your home for under $40 — Less than the cost of most video games.

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge | $79.00 $39.98 at Walmart

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge | $79.00 $39.98 at Walmart

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is a meme come to life, and it's the ultimate way to store your gamer refreshments when you're gaming on your Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge won't help you play the best Xbox games, but it can certainly keep your drinks and snacks cool. This fridge dons the black and green design of the Xbox Series X, but with enough room for up to eight 12oz cans (or a literal Xbox Series X, actually). Normally a tad under $80, it can now be had for just $39.98 at Walmart, but only if you act quickly. This fridge is rising up the ranks of Walmart's best sellers, so who knows how long stock will last.

Even if you don't want the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge for yourself, this is the perfect gift for the Xbox fan in your life, and its heavily discounted price firmly places it in impulse purchase territory. Honestly, after I finish writing this article, I'll probably be buying one for myself.

Zachary Boddy
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