The Xbox Mini Fridge is 45% off for Cyber Monday!

Xbox Fridge Cyber Monday Deal
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This is certainly one cool Cyber Monday deal if I ever did see one, for the sleek and sexy Xbox mini fridge. 

They said the Xbox Series X looked like a fridge, so Microsoft was like "yeah ok" and turned the meme into a reality with this pint-sized replica that'll keep up to eight large cans ice-cool for those lengthy gaming sessions. 

Right now, Walmart has the Xbox Mini Fridge at a solid 45% off for Cyber Monday, giving you the best argument yet for splashing out on this particularly cool customer. 

Xbox Replica Mini Fridge $99$55 at Walmart

Xbox Replica Mini Fridge <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">$99 $55 at Walmart

The meme, the myth, the legend, reborn as a chilling companion for any Xbox gamer set up. This mini fridge has enough storage for 8 large cans of your favorite beverage, keeping them ice cool for those sweaty gaming sessions. And it's 45% off for Cyber Monday, pretty cool right? ... Get it? Cool? 

This thermoelectric cooler holds eight cans within the main body and still has space in the door for additional snacks. It sports both AC and DC power for versatile power scenarios and has a light-up logo for some extra flair. 

The overall volume of the fridge clocks in at 4.5 liters, with 7.3" x 7.3 " x 14.3" inch dimensions. It can store 8x 330ml cans with a snack shelf inside the door and cools all the way down to 36F / 2C below the ambient temperature. To sweeten the deal, the Xbox Mini Fridge also has a 5V USB port in the front akin to an Xbox itself for charging a phone or a connected Xbox controller (which are also on sale for Cyber Monday by the way), and sports connectivity for a standard house outlet or 12V automobile jack for those times you're hitting the road. 

This is a great Xbox accessory in general, and this particular Cyber Monday deal just makes it all the sweeter. 

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