The official Xbox Series X|S Seagate storage card is 32% off, but time is running out

Xbox Series X|S Seagate Storage Expansion Card
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It's no longer Prime Day, but Amazon didn't get the memo, apparently. Prime Day means you can score a big saving on products that are typically quite expensive, and even after Prime Day apparently. 

The official Seagate Xbox Series X|S storage card is usually over $200, but for Prime Day, a massive 41% saving could've been had. As of today, it's still 32% off the usual asking price, netting you a tidy saving. 

These cards are literally just plug-in-and-play. No configuration is needed. Once inserted in the back of your Xbox Series S or X, the console immediately sees additional expanded storage. 

Seagate Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card 1TB | $219.99now $149.99 (15% off) at Amazon

Seagate Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card 1TB | was $219.99 now $149.99 (15% off) at Amazon

The officially licensed products from Seagate and Xbox expand your Xbox Series X|S storage capacity by up to 2TB, with 32% savings on 1TB cards. With these, you can play native Xbox Series X|S games with no issues.

Despite Prime Day being over, there's still some time left to take advantage of the recent price drops, offering remarkable discounts of up to 15% off the usual prices. For a limited period, Seagate's officially licensed 1TB Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card is available for $149.99 on Amazon.

There's no inference for when this particular deal will end at this point, but it'll probably get a better sale on Black Friday later this year, so you may want to wait unless you absolutely need storage *right now*. 

The best time to expand your Xbox storage

Plug and play, baby.  (Image credit: Future)

Expanding your available storage for downloading games on your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console is effortless when you install one of these expansion cards. Simply slotting it into the back of your console triggers a seamless and automatic expansion of your storage, functioning akin to expanding the internal SSD of your Xbox. Unlike USB storage devices and older mechanical HDDs, which may have limited speed capabilities, these expansion cards eliminate that issue. As a result, you can enjoy the same exceptional performance and load speeds when playing the best Xbox games without any compromises.

Undeniably convenient and consistent, Xbox offers a seamless experience with its removable storage cards. These cards allow you to effortlessly transfer games and files, making it effortless to take your gaming journey with you on the go. Considered among the best external storage options for Xbox, one drawback is the price. Xbox Series X|S expansion cards have historically been pricier than standard NVMe SSDs. However, with deals like this, expanding your Xbox storage becomes more affordable than ever, providing relief for your wallet.

The 1TB solution offers ample space for most users to accommodate additional games. As modern games grow, such as the 130GB+ Forza Motorsport (2023) on Xbox Series X, extra storage is crucial. While some space is allocated to system files, you can comfortably install up to 10 larger AAA games or a combination of 15-30 smaller games, including significant titles. 

We've been using Seagate's Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card for years, and no one here at Windows Central has ever encountered any flaws or faults. CFExpress may be pricey, but it seems incredibly reliable long-term, even with heavy use. In any case, you can save a ton of cash by purchasing one of these expansion cards right now, before the holiday season. 

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