Surface 2

Microsoft is currently selling a company-refurbished version of its 32GB Surface 2 tablet for just $229 on eBay. It may be your last chance to get your hands on the 10.6-inch Windows RT tablet in nearly new condition as Microsoft has confirmed it has stopped manufacturing the Surface 2.

The tablet will still come with a free version of Microsoft Office 2013 RT but there's no word if Microsoft is also offering the 200 GB of free OneDrive storage for two years, and unlimited Skype minutes for a year, which comes with a completely new version of the Surface 2. Those might still be available at its full price in certain retail stores, including Microsoft Stores.

Microsoft has indicated that it will offer a software update for the Windows RT-based Surface and Surface 2 tablets that will include some of the features of Windows 10, but details about that update have yet to be revealed. The tablets won't be able to get the full version of Windows 10 when it becomes available later in 2015.

Source: eBay

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