Get this reliable and affordable WD NAS drive for just $210

Synology DS420+
Synology DS420+ (Image credit: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central)

The Western Digital Red Plus NAS drive is on sale for $210 right now from Best Buy. That price is for the 10TB model, which normally costs $320. The 4TB ($98), 6TB ($145), 12TB ($325), and 14TB ($410) are also on sale. Western Digital has been in the storage industry for years, and it makes several of the best storage drives for NAS. The WD Red Plus

The Western Digital Red Plus is on our list of the best and most reliable hard drives for Synology NAS. Note that the WD Red Plus will work with NAS from other companies, including TerraMaster, QNAP, and other brands. It's a reliable hard drive that delivers a lot of storage for its price. With its current discount, it delivers an even better value.

The WD Red Plus isn't the fastest HDD you can purchase, but you can alleviate that some by using the drive in RAID formation. The drive comes with WD's NASware 3.0 for enhanced reliability and performance. It also offers vibration protection.

The HDD has a maximum data transfer rate of 215 MB/s. It hits that same figure for both read and write speeds. If you need a faster drive, our list of the best SSD for NAS includes several speedy SSDs.

The WD Red Plus normally delivers a good amount of storage for its price, but Best Buy's current discount sweetens the deal. The stated discount of $110 is a bit high, however. Amazon sells the same drive for $280. That means Best Buy's deal is still good, but not quite as much of a discount as stated.

Note that WD doesn't ship mounting brackets or screws with this drive, so you'll have to make sure to source your own.

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